Raw chicken wings for dogs

All about puppies and their teeth

Q: Why are puppy teeth so sharp?  A: Puppies are born without teeth but then develop two sets. A temporary, deciduous set of puppy teeth erupt around three to four weeks of age, which are replaced by 
a second set of permanent teeth that gradually replace the former, starting at…

Lamping foxes

Why you shouldn’t tackle rural crime by yourself

As sure as day follows night, hare coursing and the poaching of gamebirds and deer become more prevalent after harvest. The seasonal increase in poaching and rural crime generally isn’t for any noble reason or observation of a season of any sort, it is simply due to the fact that…

Roast partridge

Roasted partridge with moutabal, watercress and white cabbage salad

Partridges can present an especially awkward grapple. So seam the breast meat off the ‘crown’ of this roast partridge recipe and joint the legs so they can be picked up. This method works well with this partridge recipe, a platter 
of jointed roast partridge, aubergine, sesame and lemon purée and…

shooting organisations

Should shooting organisations merge?

We are always complaining about shooting organisations. Shooters bemoan a lack of effective representation, saying our various bodies seem to settle for managing the decline of our sport. Over a pint, many agree the cause of shooting would be better served if all the existing organisations were merged into a…

Gundog training

Keeping a young gundog steady on a shoot day

A suitable shooting companion should be many things. They should be hard hunting, patient on peg, calm to heel and have reliable recall. These are only a few of the key skills and attributes. The basics in training will pay dividends in the long run and are so often overlooked.…

venison biltong

A recipe for venison biltong

Venison is the perfect ingredient for making this field snack of venison biltong from South Africa. The lean, long grain strands of haunch lend themselves to the cured, bendy brittleness of biltong but, after a couple of challenging chews, it will start to soften, giving a peppery and herbal tang.…

golden retriever

Training a golden retriever

A question about golden retriever training Q: After many years of having Labradors, I have bought a working-bred golden retriever puppy. I know this breed has a reputation for being slow to mature and more challenging to train, but this youngster is a joy to work with. However, he is…

Salt Baked Rabbit

A recipe for salt baked rabbit

A very good way of cooking rabbit This was an experiment that surprisingly turned out to be 
a very good way of cooking rabbit. Traditionally, salt-baking is used for meat such as chicken and even whole fish. It seals in the moisture and steams the meat underneath, leaving 
it moist…

Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40 – could it be right up your country lane?

I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of this cheeky little number from Volvo. The Volvo XC40 is the youngest sibling in the XC family and, though billed as an “urban SUV”, it could, as a country-urban crossover, tick a few Shooting Times boxes. The smallest XC is big on personality…

shooters to pay for Chris Packham

“How many of us would have heard of Chris Packham if he wasn’t on the BBC?”

The BBC’s new director-general, Tim Davie, has rattled the corporation’s cage. But will his stated priority of restoring BBC impartiality be achieved? In 2016 the corporation spent £139,260 on subscriptions to the small-circulation, 
left-leaning Guardian newspaper. But Tim Davie comes from a background that is far from the Guardianista norm.…

Coursing deer

How Northumbria Police are tackling rural crime

Dealing with illegally coursing hares and deer If tables could tell stories, the one in the Northumbria Police rural crime team office would have some extraordinary tales. In the days when the Duke of Northumberland sat on the bench, the brown oak and red leather table was where the Alnwick…

rifle shooting

Savage 110 Ultralite

Verdict on the Savage 110 Ultralite rifle Savage always produces rifles that are aimed at real hunters who want performance over aesthetics — and that’s not me being rude, it’s a compliment. Its AccuTrigger two-stage safety design is now seen on many other rifles, or clones of it — the…

Grouse Bresaola

Recipe for grouse bresaola – ideal for using older birds

This recipe is ideal for using older grouse and it is rather decadent. It is a version of a classic beef dish from Italy — lightly cured and then air-dried — that is so delicious it has spread across the world. Making it with a grouse breast or two 

duck flighting

The secrets of successful duck flighting

There is hardly a more exciting sound in the world of shooting than the rush of air through duck wings as they drop in at evening flight. Every time I hear that tearing sound, my hackles rise and while waiting by a flightpond does not quite have the magic of…

Beretta Silver Pigeons

The evolution of an Italian design classic

It’s one of the best-known, best-selling shotgun designs of all time, but does that make the Beretta Silver Pigeon or 68 series one of the best guns of all time? Gunmaking is a little like the industrial version of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. The most adaptable survive. The best…

hearing loss in older dogs

How to help an older dog suffering from deafness

Q: Our old gundog is starting to become deaf, probably due to his age. Is there anything to help hearing loss in older dogs? A: Certainly the most common 
form of deafness in dogs is age-related hearing loss (ARHL). Most dogs experience some degree of ARHL as they get older. Unfortunately,…

grilled partridge

Harissa-marinated and grilled partridge

Partridge is a great entry to the world of gamebirds. The meat is succulent, white and very palatable to anyone who is discovering game for the first time. At this time of year, the weather can still be kind, so here is a great recipe for that early partridge. I…

Holland & Holland Royal Game Gun

Why Holland & Holland ‘Royal’ guns are sought after

Mark Sullivan works quietly at his bench, producing the heart of many bespoke gun-building projects. An auctioneer by trade, he used to work at Holland & Holland. Now he works for the wider trade, happy to let someone else put their name to his work while he remains quietly anonymous…

field trials

Field trials for gundogs during the COVID pandemic – what you need to know

The Kennel Club has issued extensive guidance for staging field trials for dogs during the pandemic. Last month, the International Gundog League (IGL) cancelled this year’s Retriever Championship. It was hardly unexpected news. If the IGL had decided to go ahead with the event, the biggest in the gundog calendar,…