driven shooting

Is shooting more popular than ever?

It can be difficult to know what is going on across our sport. We can each see our own bit — our shoot, our team, our branch, our glen. But what may be true for one place might not necessarily be true for shooting as a whole. So what is…

George Digweed

Should you buy the best shooting glasses you can afford?

We all know the type: he usually shoots a Perazzi or a Krieghoff and unfailingly has a pair of those ludicrously expensive coloured shooting glasses on his head. Those of us who’ve been around long enough will note that such eyewear is a relatively new addition to the flash shooter’s…

Recipes for wild boar

Wild boar and venison koftas

I’d only been working for the Daily Express for a month back in 1998 when an editor called asking me to go on a wild boar hunt. Not a shoot, mind. The only shot would be that by a photographer. I set off in my car from London for woods…

Anschütz Model 1761 .22 rimfire

Anschütz Model 1761 .22 rimfire

Our verdict on the Anschütz Model 1761 .22 rimfire The 1761 is designed for 
work. Its Sporter styling 
and compact credentials suggest its work is primarily vermin, but its match target rifle pedigree also shines through. Styling-wise, Anschütz has opted 
for function over aesthetics for the Anschütz Model 1761 .22…

Partridge shooting

Four steps to shooting partridges like a pro

Good partridge shooting is about giving yourself as much time as possible. When you watch a professional athlete performing at the peak of their powers, people often comment about how much time they seem to have compared with others. What you are noticing is the extra fractions of a second…

grey partridge

The key to a perfect partridge drive

British driven partridge shooting took over from walked-up sport that occurred in the 1700s, with the biggest bags being obtained from the 1850s onwards. These were predominately English partridges because, though the redlegs were introduced around 1770 by Lord Hertford and Lord Rendlesham to Suffolk, that bird’s popularity didn’t take…

wood pigeon recipe

Wood pigeon breasts with apricot and feta

A wood pigeon recipe bursting with flavour I wanted to make use of the barbecue one last time this summer with something quick and easy for lunch. I had some deliciously ripe apricots, salty feta cheese and some fresh rocket from the garden. This wood pigeon recipe dish took no…

A coastal brown bear (grizzly bear)

When are bears more likely to attack hunters?

Fatal bear attacks are mercifully a rare occurrence, even in the US, but high-profile deaths in recent years underline the dangers for hunters. Sometimes, imagination is all you need. It can clothe the terse words of an official report to convey a sense of the utter desperation of a situation.…

wildfowling gear

Five pieces of wildfowling gear for the season ahead

Wildfowling gear has benefitted greatly from advances in materials technology in recent years. Decoy bags are now much lighter and easily washed than those of 30 years ago and neoprene has revolutionised that piece of essential wildfowling gear, waders. Jackets can now be windproof, waterproof and breathable as well as…

pork pie

Why gundogs shouldn’t eat pork pies

Pancreatitis in dogs can be serious. I received a salutary tale from 
reader and regular correspondent Arthur Moore, who had just returned from walking Hadrian’s Wall with his 
wife Ann and daughter Jocasta, plus 
two English springers, Ella, aged 10, 
and Nina, aged two. “We walked the wall, day on…

Toyota Land Cruiser

Why the Toyota Land Cruiser ticks many boxes for the rural worker

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been at the forefront of Toyota’s off-road range since 1951 and has 
proved itself a formidable vehicle in which to cruise the land, be it tarmac, mud or rock. The big beast we’re playing with this month is the Land Cruiser 2.8 diesel long wheelbase…

Beretta Silver Pigeon III

Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Field

Our  Verdict on the 687 Silver Pigeon III Field The original Beretta 687 
was an all-round gun — is there a place for an updated version in game shooting today? The success of Beretta’s 690 series of guns, both Field and Competition, means you would be forgiven for thinking that…

Shooting in field

What are the choices available if you’re looking for lead-free ammunition?

Like many people, you may be considering trying some steel shot for your game shooting this season. But with so much misinformation available online, how do you know where to start? Moving towards lead free ammunition We must begin by realising 
that what is right for somebody 
on Facebook may…

roast grouse risotto

Roast grouse risotto with wild mushrooms and truffles

I love cooking grouse. It has a distinct flavour that sets it apart from all other gamebirds. This is due to its diet of mainly heather, which gives the meat an earthy and herby flavour. A good falconer friend of mine, Nick Havemann-Mart, once said to me: “You have to…

Beretta Silver Pigeon Vittoria

Beretta Silver Pigeon Vittoria

Our verdict on the Beretta Silver Pigeon Vittoria The Beretta Silver Pigeon 
I 12-bore in the Vittoria format 
is aimed at shooters who need 
a shorter stock. We pitted two models of the Beretta Silver Pigeon Vittoria — field and competition — against each other to compare their performance. The…

rabbit liver pâté

Tuscan style rabbit liver pate

I love rural Italian cuisine and this recipe for rabbit liver pâté 
is the perfect example of how it is so simple, but has to be just right. Learn to love the boldness of throwing things into a hot pan and tossing them into a blender, the joy of still…

Waiting by a flight pond

How to create or rejuvenate a pond

Whenever I attend a farm walk organised by the GWCT, I do so with a mixture of emotions. Positive sentiments such as wonderment, revelation and inspiration jostle with less attractive feelings. Frustration and envy largely. This unwarranted green-eyed state is not due to my begrudging the success of others. Far…

wildfowling calling

What you need to know about wildfowling calls

For as long as we humans have hunted wild duck and geese, we have used decoys and calls to attract them within range of a gun, bow or sling, or to lure them into waiting nets. Most species of wildfowl are intensely social birds. They will naturally congregate in large…

English springer spaniels

Should I stick to a dog vaccination schedule? What’s recommended?

Q: I have heard about herd immunity in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and relating to dog vaccination. How does herd immunity protect unvaccinated animals, and can you explain why it is apparently important for me stick to a dog vaccinations schedule if a sufficient level of herd immunity…

rifle scopes

Should I choose a fixed or variable scope for roe stalking?

Q: I am a keen deer stalker but can’t decide whether I should opt for a fixed-power rifle scope or a variable one. In your opinion, which is the better option for roe stalking? Fixed-power rifle scopes vs variable rifle scopes A: It depends entirely on what you are comfortable…