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Alan Paine unveils their most comprehensive countryside collection yet

The beautifully crafted, innovative collection of go-to country clothing and accessories will provide you with all you need to take you from town to country, from new tweed shooting staples and a refreshed Combrook all-weather protection coat, to storm-ready robust and machine washable performance wear and ultra-lightweight insulating, recycled Polyester…

how to introduce a puppy to gunfire

Choosing a stud dog

Which are the most important qualities to look for when selecting your stud dog?

Rooks by a rookery

The intelligence of rooks

Few birds divide opinion like the rook. On the one hand we have farmers, who often endure massive damage to crops at certain times of the year, and on the other, the people who love to hear the most quintessentially English bird going about its business.  The background cawing of…

BASC calls for councillor’s resignation over comments on shooter’s suicide

BASC has launched a campaign calling for the resignation of a Yorkshire local councillor after he posted insensitive and insulting comments online about the suicide of a popular and well-respected game butcher, shooter and family man. Thomas Woodward, elected council member of Ryedale District Council and Pickering Town Council in…

maremma oddball film extra

How a maremma sheepdog saved a penguin colony

When the penguin population on an Australian island fell to just 10 birds, the council turned to the radical idea of using a maremma sheepdog to guard the colony that has proven to be highly successful


Conservation in action

Small shoot owners know that the benefits of a wildlife-friendly shoot stretch far beyond shooting

keepering abroad

Shooting job opportunities abroad

Last summer I was discussing the releasing of duck in Hungarian. Speaking through a translator, my host asked me whether we in England reared and released duck for shooting. I confirmed that we did indeed, and went on to explain that on the college shoot that my students run we…


Our sport has a reputation to uphold

The line in the email subject box said: “Watch this, NOW!” The sender was a shooting colleague and he’d sent me a link to a YouTube clip. Curiosity got the better of me so I opened the link. I wish I hadn’t! No, it wasn’t a computer virus — it…

BBC condemned for urban bias

The BBC is letting down many of its 12million rural viewers and relies too heavily on a small number of charities and NGOs for countryside stories, a BBC Trust review has found

things you don't know about CLA Game Fair

30 things you don’t know about the CLA Game Fair

The early days The first CLA Game Fair at Stetchworth Park was put on with a budget of just £500, but it overran by £300. Entrance charges at the first fair were modest; two shillings and sixpence per person admission (half-price to children, free to CLA members), 5/6 (271⁄2p) for…

fieldsports scotland

What Scottish independence means for fieldsports

I can honestly say not one person has asked me about independence,” says Robert Rattray, hand dramatically over his heart. As the head of CKD Galbraith’s sporting lets agency in Perth, Robert is someone you’d expect to be asked about the future for Scotland’s £360million fieldsports industry, should the nation…

CAP reforms could mean more peas for pigeon

Reforms to farm funding announced by environment secretary Owen Paterson could mean a boost for pollinators and pigeon shooters, but have been greeted with dismay by a number of wildlife and conservation groups. The minister’s announcement set out how the £15billion of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) funds would be distributed…

lady gun

Ladies-only shooting: Girls with guns want more than fun

The outlook for women in the shooting world is looking reasonably rosy these days. It’s not merely a matter of there being more patronisingly pink skeet vests, fuschia-trimmed tweeds and shotguns with flouncy flowery engraving on sale in shooting shops, nor is it simply the case that there is an…


Your essential fox-control kit

A decent rifle, a high-quality telescopic sight and a generous portion of luck are the essential items in the amateur’s fox-control kit

Does scientific bias affect shooting?

A few years ago I listened to a lecture by American biostatistician, Professor David Allison. In his talk he warned of the dangers of what he called “white-hat bias” and its effect on objective, evidence-based policymaking. It might sound odd, but I was completely transfixed as he described the ways…