New guidance on firearms licensing

New guidance on firearms licensing

Home Office publishes new guidance on firearms licensing to reduce bureaucracy and drive efficiency and consistency for the police

I have been asked to act as a Firearms Certificate mentor!

Firearms Certificate mentor: I have been asked to act as mentor for a friend of mine who has recently been granted an FAC, subject to having a mentor. Are there any issues I should be aware of if i decide to become an FAC mentor?

Is firearms ownership a right and not a privilege?

In a recent article you said that firearms ownership is a right not a privilege. I’ve just had a letter from North Yorkshire police saying the holding of a certificate is a privilege not a right. Who is correct?

Hampshire Police apologise over firearms licence renewals

Hampshire Police Firearms Licensing Department has apologised to certificate holders for delays in issuing firearms licence renewals after BBC Radio Solent drew attention to a backlog of 13,000 certificates last year, causing delays of up to five months.