Pigeon breast risotto

Wood pigeon breast risotto with peas

Wild wood pigeon breast is sustainable and local, with a woodland taste. It’s an excellent source of protein and minerals and inexpensive. This recipe for wood pigeon breast risotto is easy to make, satisfying and delicious. It takes about 30 minutes to prepare and cook. Wood pigeon breast risotto Ingredients…

English summer truffles

How to forage for English summer truffles

Way back in the 1980s, the British Mycological Society held a series of summer forays devoted entirely to finding English Summer Truffles. I had previously come across a rather nibbled English Summer Truffle, already unearthed by a squirrel, so, hoping for more, I went on four of these trips at…

venison tray bake recipe

Recipe for tray baked venison sausages with marmalade and bay

Venison is rich in protein, low in fat and cholesterol. It’s also high in nutrients. So it’s pretty much a super food. It’s a popular choice to serve in restaurants and events – and thereby lies the current problem. Because of COVID-19 the market for venison in the hospitality industry…

homemade smoker

How to create and use a homemade smoker

Types of smoking There are, generally speaking, 
two types of smoking: cold smoking and hot smoking. It is the heated variety that we will be dealing 
with. This has the advantage of not only being simple and easy but of cooking the food at the same time 
as it is…

barbecue pheasant marinade

Three marinade recipes for game and venison

Why marinate meat? Planning ahead and creating marinades for game and venison is really worthwhile. So if you’re planning a barbecue, soak the meat in a marinade for a few days before cooking. This will help to tenderise it by breaking down the muscle fibres. Don’t leave it in the…

Eat Game Awards 2019

Who has won in the Eat Game Awards this year?

The annual Eat Game Awards, in association with Taste of Game and Purdey, reward those who encourage the cooking and eating of game and wild British produce, whether they excel in retail or in impressive culinary achievement. The nominees are chosen by the public.  The consumption of game is rising…

plucking pheasants

This family switched to eating game for a nearly a year. What happened?

Our wild game diet It has now been a year since my family last bought meat from a supermarket. The only exceptions are sausages and bacon made from free-range pigs and that is purely because life would be diminished without pork products and none of my friends keep pigs. We…

pheasant breasts

Seven days of game dinners for a family of four – £1.79 per person a day

We hope that our readers are managing this extraordinary period of coronavirus and staying well. Feeding a family isn’t always easy at the best of times, particularly when you can’t go out or are having to self-isolate. So we think this family food pack from not-for-profit company Wild and Game…

smoked pheasant recipe

A recipe for smoked pheasant

I like the combination of the smoky pheasant breast with the sweet and tangy roasted squash, while the pickled cabbage lifts it up and the green sauce stops it being too rich or flat. The magic of this smoked pheasant recipe is curing and smoking the pheasant breast to produce…

Using a pheasant crowner

Why every shooter needs a pheasant crowner

The very simple designs 
are often the best ones 
and this applies to a new game processor. I went 
to meet Dougie Bell, who invented 
the pheasant crowner, and John 
Relph of T. W. Relph and Sons Ltd, which markets it in conjunction with Solway Feeders. The shining machine, fixed…

Wild roast goose recipe

Wild roast goose recipe for Christmas

Farmed geese can be costly and not feed anywhere near as many as you may think. We all know that a truly wild goose would be far better, perhaps even two or three. But they say wild geese are not any good for eating; they are mostly shot for pest…

Le Bab restaurant

Restaurant review: Le Bab

Shopping. Love it or hate it, sometimes you have to brace yourself and get on with it, especially in the run-up to Christmas. Personally I’m not a hobby shopper and one of the only things that makes a day of shopping bearable is the prospect of a delicious lunch. So…

Braced up pheasants

How to make sure your game arrives on the plate in perfect condition

Keeping game in perfect condition Game as a meat is no different from any other product — if you want 
to increase its value and demand for it, it needs to be a quality product to start with. Small, damaged and poorly handled birds — the bane of game dealers’…

game cart

Why all fieldsports fans should vote in the Eat Game Awards 2019

At the Game Fair this year I sat down with Annette Woolcock, who is head of BASC’s Taste of Game campaign and a co-founder of the Eat Game Awards (EGA), which were launched last year. Annette set up the EGA with James Horne (Chairman of Purdey and Founder of Guns…

eating ethical wild meat

How it took a day’s hunting for me to understand ethical meat

I am languishing on my patio, riding out the horror of a three-day, post-music-festival hangover, when the phone rings. It’s Patrick Galbraith, an old friend and the Editor of Shooting Times. “Hi pal, I’ve been thinking about cooking up some squirrels and a deer and I was wondering if you…