Dumped pheasant video provokes strong reaction from shooting organisations

The video was allegedly taken in November 2018 at Cotesbach Game farm in Leicestershire. Although it was found that the birds had been breasted, shooting organisations have united to condemn the activity shown. Liam Bell, Chairman of the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation said, “The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation is deeply dismayed by…

recipe for venison ragu pappardelle

Venison ragu pappardelle

Mac & Wild at Falls of Shin, Scotland opened last summer under the watchful eyes of founders, Andy Waugh and Calum Mackinnon who already run London’s popular Mac & Wild restaurant. Both show off the best of Scottish produce.   Here’s the Mac & Wild recipe for a delicious venison-based…

recipe for pigeon breasts

Woodpigeon breasts with caramelised parsnip puree, morel and sherry jus

Today’s recipe comes from Chef Rob Avery of the Jack Russell Inn, in Faccombe, Hampshire. The food served is grown locally on the surrounding Faccombe Estate and if you fancy staying overnight, there are 11 bedrooms – all named after dog breeds in keeping with the Jack Russell theme! This…

Dundas Arms Kintbury

Game for lunch in a country pub?

One of the many good things about British Game Week (19-25 November 2018) is that it brings in new customers for venison, partridge, pheasant and duck. People who have never before savoured the delights of game but who after trying it realise what they’ve been missing out on. Converting diners…

Gamekeepers pie recipe with haunch of venison

Berkshire venison, pheasant and partridge gamekeeper’s pie

Landlord Lee Hart is a keen Shot and runs the Dundas Arms, Kintbury. He says: “Our focus is seasonality and local produce. I’m a huge advocate for game and we always have four to five game dishes on the menu during the game season; we try and make game as…

meat in freezer

How long can I keep meat in the freezer for?

Freezing pigeons: I lost quite a few pigeons last summer because I didn’t get to the game dealer quickly enough so this year I’ve decided to buy a freezer.

Braced up pheasants

How you can reward your favourite British game champions

Do you have a favourite restaurant, farmers market, pub, butcher or supermarket selling game? If so, you need to nominate them in the Eat Game Awards by 15th June 2018 to give them the recognition they deserve. The Eat Game Awards 2018 was set up to discover the champions of…

Royal Oak East Lavant

A visit to the Royal Oak, East Lavant

Much as I like my job, I’m still prone to a bout of the Sunday evening blues. Wondering where the weekend went and why I haven’t done half the things that needed crossing out on my to-do list. I think the cure for this is to start work on a…

Bev's dog biscuits

Bev’s homemade dog biscuits

Bev’s Homemade Dog Biscuits Ingredients 2 cups rolled oats 1 cup peanut butter 2 bananas Method Place in food processor until combined Roll out and cut out biscuits (preferably with a bone shaped cutter) Place biscuits on baking tray lined with greaseproof paper Bake at 160° C fan oven for…

game meat is free range

Game meat is free range so does that mean it’s organic?

Only a tiny proportion of game meat is officially “organic”. 
Game meat is free range or wild, healthy and nutritious 
but the label “organic” was captured by 
the organic farming movement long ago. You can only use it when the meat has 
been produced under an accredited organic regime. This…

Border terrier

Gluten-free diets for dogs – when are they necessary?

Q: I am thinking about buying a border terrier puppy from a local gamekeeper. My friend tells me I will have to avoid feeding it gluten. But gluten-free diets for dogs are a load of old tosh, right?” A:  Your friend might be right. But he could be wrong. Border terriers…

Pheasant Thai curry recipe

Pheasant Thai Curry recipe

Start by making the Thai paste. Thai paste Ingredients ·      2 lemongrass stalks, outer stalks removed & chopped ·      A handful of unsalted peanuts ·      2 tablespoons of fish sauce, sesame oil and soy sauce ·      1 large thumb sized piece of fresh root ginger ·      3 cloves of garlic ·      3 fresh…

outdoor picnic idea

Woodpigeon sausage rolls

Here’s a woodpigeon recipe for sausage rolls that are a little bit different and dare we say it, a little bit more sophisticated than the straightforward pork version. They’re supremely portable and perfect for elevenses or popping in a picnic basket. Of course, pigeon has a delicious taste, something of…

Country Food Trust

Game meat sent to those in need

Thousands of people struggling with food poverty have had a hot meal of pheasant or partridge to eat over the past two years thanks to the charitable work of the Country Food Trust. The initiative, set up by its chief executive Tim Woodward in 2016, produced more than 20,000 ready-to-eat…

Big plans for game market

An initiative has been proposed with the intention of promoting the consumption of game and maintaining shoot standards. Expected to launch in mid-April, the British Game Alliance (BGA) is being headed by Tom Adams, former director of shooting for GunsOnPegs. Mr Adams told Shooting Times that the BGA, which is…

dog eating

BARF diet for dogs – the risks and benefits

Bones and raw food for dogs I’ve long been an advocate of feeding dogs as natural a diet as possible, which means raw food and vegetables. I was convinced by an interview 
I did 15 years ago with holistic vet Dr Nick Thompson. I feed a raw chicken wing for…