Border terrier

Gluten-free diets for dogs – when are they necessary?

Q: I am thinking about buying a border terrier puppy from a local gamekeeper. My friend tells me I will have to avoid feeding it gluten. But gluten-free diets for dogs are a load of old tosh, right?” A:  Your friend might be right. But he could be wrong. Border terriers…

Pheasant Thai curry recipe

Pheasant Thai Curry recipe

Start by making the Thai paste. Thai paste Ingredients ·      2 lemongrass stalks, outer stalks removed & chopped ·      A handful of unsalted peanuts ·      2 tablespoons of fish sauce, sesame oil and soy sauce ·      1 large thumb sized piece of fresh root ginger ·      3 cloves of garlic ·      3 fresh…

outdoor picnic idea

Woodpigeon sausage rolls

Here’s a woodpigeon recipe for sausage rolls that are a little bit different and dare we say it, a little bit more sophisticated than the straightforward pork version. They’re supremely portable and perfect for elevenses or popping in a picnic basket. Of course, pigeon has a delicious taste, something of…

Country Food Trust

Game meat sent to those in need

Thousands of people struggling with food poverty have had a hot meal of pheasant or partridge to eat over the past two years thanks to the charitable work of the Country Food Trust. The initiative, set up by its chief executive Tim Woodward in 2016, produced more than 20,000 ready-to-eat…

Big plans for game market

An initiative has been proposed with the intention of promoting the consumption of game and maintaining shoot standards. Expected to launch in mid-April, the British Game Alliance (BGA) is being headed by Tom Adams, former director of shooting for GunsOnPegs. Mr Adams told Shooting Times that the BGA, which is…

dog eating

BARF diet for dogs – the risks and benefits

Bones and raw food for dogs I’ve long been an advocate of feeding dogs as natural a diet as possible, which means raw food and vegetables. I was convinced by an interview 
I did 15 years ago with holistic vet Dr Nick Thompson. I feed a raw chicken wing for…

Game sales are sky-rocketing

The popularity of game meat is rocketing, with sales in the UK rising by 8.6 per cent in the last year and some Scottish game dealers reporting a five-fold increase in demand for grouse. A new report by independent market researcher Mintel says that general UK sales now stand at…

Sands End

Eating game at The Sands End, Fulham

It was a dry evening and so my dining companion and I had decided to walk the three miles from my home to The Sands End pub in Fulham. As a result we were good and hungry by the time we arrived. Nothing like the anticipation of a good meal when…

meat in freezer

Preparing game for the freezer – here’s what to do

Q: At this time of year I always end up with an abundance 
of game birds that I need to store until quieter periods in the year. How best should I prepare game 
for the freezer so that it will keep 
as long as possible without developing a “freezery” taint?…

Fox red Labrador

Is this the solution for excess game?

My recent article on the problem of disposing of surplus shot game prompted a lively response, so thank you to everyone who contacted me. Such feedback confirmed to me that it is the biggest challenge facing the shooting industry, and if no satisfactory solution is found it is bound to…

Braced up pheasants

Game industry cuts antibiotic use

Reduction in antibiotics in meat from game Shooting and game bird organisations have welcomed 
a big fall in the number of antibiotics used in the rearing of pheasants and partridges in the UK. Figures endorsed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) were released in October 2017, showing that antibiotics used…

Tom's Kitchen Chelsea

Kitchen supper in Chelsea

A good restaurant has to have two things. Firstly, delicious food and secondly, ambience. Don’t you think? You really can’t have one without the other. If the food is great but the atmosphere is lacking, then you’re not going to want to linger and chat. If the ambience is great…

pheasant and game chips

Make your views count. Vote for the best of British game

The shooting, game meat and hospitality sectors have come together, with leading British businesses James Purdey 
& Sons, Boisdale Restaurants and Taste of Game teaming up 
to launch the inaugural Eat Game Awards. They are on a national search for those individuals and businesses that have shown success, innovation and…

Shoot lunch ideas

Are these the best shoot lunch ideas of all time?

The shoot lunch conjures up scenes of steaming plates, cottage pies and treacle puddings but in fact a shoot lunch on the grouse moor in August should be very different from the shoot lunch in mid December. Here are some new shoot lunch ideas for the cook and host to…

Curried roast grouse

Recipe for roast curried grouse

Roast curried grouse with spiced lentil and coconut dahl, poppadum and cucumber chutney. To make the curry paste 200g galangal 200g fresh ginger peeled 100g turmeric root 300g banana shallots peeled 50g peeled garlic 2 lime leaves 4 lemongrass sticks 30ml lime juice 200g red long chilli 50ml sesame oil…

partridge chargrilled sweet potato

Spatchcock partridge with chargrilled sweet potato

Game recipe: Spatchcock Partridge with Chargrilled Sweet Potato: Top chef Mark prepares a seasonal, no nonsense dish using partridge that can either be cooked on the BBQ (weather permitting!) or on a griddle in the kitchen – this will really tempt your taste buds and it’s very easy to do.

Pot roast partridge

Easy-to-make recipe for a partridge pot roast

Now the partridge season is well underway there’s going to be some delicious young birds coming your way. Well hopefully. The partridge is smaller than the pheasant but has a wonderfully mellow flavour. Always allow one per person – just half or double the ingredients below to allow for different…

Recipe for venison loin steaks

Recipe for venison loin steaks with cabbage and bacon

Recipe for venison loin steaks served with cabbage & bacon by Byron Hayter, Ashdown Park Hotel Ingredients: Venison loin steaks 4 venison steaks, each weighing 120g 100ml rapeseed oil salt pepper Handful of blackberries to serve Venison gravy 1kg venison bones 8 shallots, chopped 1 garlic clove, chopped 2 sprigs…