Fox Control

Patience is a powerful tool where foxing is concerned, writes Patrick Hook.

Here are his top 10 tips for foxing in the moonlight

  1. Be stealthy, take your time and become part of the fabric of the landscape
  2. Don’t smoke while you’re out (better still, don’t smoke at all)
  3. Don’t wear aftershave or use pungent toothpaste
  4. Put your mobile phone on silent
  5. Avoid things that will give your presence away – noisy gates, brittle sticks, etc.
  6. Wear quiet clothing – no swishy materials, no clumpy boots
  7. Don’t carry anything that rattles – ammo, keys, etc.
  8. Don’t allow yourself to become skylined.
  9. Learn your ground, but be aware that your quarry probably knows the terrain better than you.
  10. The moon will reveal any light colours or reflective surfaces, so check your kit over for anything visual that might give your presence away. If in doubt, put some matt tape over it.
how to call a fox

How to call a fox

HOW TO SQUEAK A FOX: Here the Nataional Gamekeepers Organisation tell you how to call in a fox.

Fox Control

Tips for the foxing first-timer

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Lamping may be one of the most efficient ways to kill foxes but if you miss then, you'll have created a much fightier foe. Liam Bell outlines other options for fox control

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Fox Control

Is a deadly rabbit virus affecting fox numbers?

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Fox hunting ban repeal could nearer than you think

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Beware the mangy fox

Q: We have foxes in our garden and one has a lot of bald, sore-looking patches, especially over its head. A friend suggested that the foxes have mange, which could be passed onto our dogs. What do you suggest we do? A: Foxes can suffer various types of mange and…

Fox snaring code

Rural groups take lead on new fox snaring code

Leading rural organisations last week launched a new code of practice on the use of snares for fox control in England. The newly published 12-page code is a collaboration between BASC, the Countryside Alliance, the Moorland Association, the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO), the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, the CLA,…

Schultz & Larsen Legacy .223

On test: Schultz & Larsen Legacy .223

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Tikka T3x

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Fox Control

It’s time for fox control

No matter how hard you try, and no matter how many foxes you kill, litters of cubs will always appear — usually where you least expect them. Keeping fox numbers down now is vital. Once the cover is up and they start living on top, it is much harder to…

Fox control safety tips

Night-time fox control safety tips

One issue with shooting is often overlooked and that is safety. Hunting at night has its own risks, so let us look at what they might be. Shooting from a truck doesn’t pose the same hazards as those faced by people who venture out on foot. The reasons for doing so vary with the terrain – I…

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Keeping livestock safe

On a Friday in February, I waited at my burger van for Tony Jones to arrive from Yorkshire for what would hopefully be another enjoyable weekend of foxing. As usual, the weather was absolutely rotten: cold and raining, with high winds. I usually finish work at 1pm but, with the…

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Browning A-Bolt 3 Composite Stalker .243 rifle

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