Fox Control

Patience is a powerful tool where foxing is concerned, writes Patrick Hook.

Here are his top 10 tips for foxing in the moonlight

  1. Be stealthy, take your time and become part of the fabric of the landscape
  2. Don’t smoke while you’re out (better still, don’t smoke at all)
  3. Don’t wear aftershave or use pungent toothpaste
  4. Put your mobile phone on silent
  5. Avoid things that will give your presence away – noisy gates, brittle sticks, etc.
  6. Wear quiet clothing – no swishy materials, no clumpy boots
  7. Don’t carry anything that rattles – ammo, keys, etc.
  8. Don’t allow yourself to become skylined.
  9. Learn your ground, but be aware that your quarry probably knows the terrain better than you.
  10. The moon will reveal any light colours or reflective surfaces, so check your kit over for anything visual that might give your presence away. If in doubt, put some matt tape over it.

This is how to take somebody night-time foxing for the first time

To those of us who do it regularly, 
a night out foxing is no big deal. 
For many others who have never, 
or rarely, been before, it can be 
a really memorable occasion. As a result, one of the things that Paul, my regular shooting partner, and I like to…

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What diseases could my dog pick up from foxes?

Disease from foxes All dogs, including gundogs can get the following disease from foxes: Sarcoptic mange Lungworm Rabies Dogs and foxes do suffer from the same diseases, though, of which the most worrying is rabies. We have been rabies-free in Britain for 98 years — since quarantine for dogs was…

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Cartridges and calibres for pest control

Wondering what is the best calibre for foxes? Rabbits? There are so many different species of pests – you can’t band together a rabbit and a fox – that you can’t have a single calibre for them all. So instead I am going to take a look at the various…

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Tracking foxes and how to stop them picking up YOUR scent

Patrick’s top tips for tracking foxes • Do your best to keep the wind in your face as that way you’ll be approaching from downwind • Avoid wearing anything perfumed, as it will signal your presence long before you arrive if it catches
 on the wind • Putting down smelly…

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All about the fox

I thought it was time to do a piece all about the fox. Let’s address some of the various questions that the fox shooter often encounters. Can you eat fox? The short answer is yes, but the meat is generally considered to be tough with an unpleasant taste. The late…

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5 tips for lamping foxes

1. What’s the right time to go out lamping foxes? Foxes are generally nocturnal and see excellently at night. Wait until it is properly dark outside before setting off. During the night foxes will sleep for a while – usually from around midnight until 3am. 2. Know the ground Night…

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How to call a fox

HOW TO SQUEAK A FOX: Here the Nataional Gamekeepers Organisation tell you how to call in a fox.

Fox Control

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If you have a pressing need to stop one or more foxes from killing your livestock you probably already have somewhere to shoot, but let’s suppose that you don’t know any landowners. How on earth do you go about getting someone to agree to let you on their property? Well,…

Fox Control

Is a deadly rabbit virus affecting fox numbers?

Q: Four years or so ago the local rabbit population crashed. We have had myxomatosis previously but the population always seemed to recover to some extent — this time it has not. Could rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) be causing this? Since foxes that prey on rabbits also seem fewer…

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