hunter shooting cartridges for vermin

Which are the best cartridges for vermin?

When it comes to vermin cartridges, there is little doubt that the .22LR is at the top of the list. It can be used on all small species and has good accuracy, low noise and recoil, with enough energy to get the job done. The .22LR was later upgraded to…

What’s the best cartridge for pest control?

What I’m going to do here is highlight the various cartridges available and their usefulness in pest control. It’s impossible to choose a calibre for all the different species of pests – a rabbit and a poult-pinching fox cannot be compared. While many cartridges come close to covering all bases,…

Fox control

Fox Shooting with night-vision

Night visionary Essex farmer Robert Bucknell is the doyen of fox shooting. Robert has been using night-vision devices for more than 30 years, long before the 1990-91 Gulf War brought such items to the public attention. Thermal-imaging scope Robert’s farm is peppered with high seats and vantage points of various…

fence holes

How to keep predators out of your pheasant pen

Imagine the scene: a young fox is out for his usual evening stroll, hunting for his own supper now that mum has kicked him out. Meanwhile, you have just settled several hundred succulent pheasant poults in your pen in one of his favourite woods. As he wanders by he gets…

Fox shooting with a shotgun

My pump action has a custom paint job, which helps blend it in to the surroundings and the 3.5in chamber gives me the possibilities of a range of ammunition. The other advantage to it is the Kick’s High Flyer aftermarket choke in the end of the barrel, which produces a…


Your essential fox-control kit

A decent rifle, a high-quality telescopic sight and a generous portion of luck are the essential items in the amateur’s fox-control kit


Fox-shooting with a young underkeeper

Teach a young lad to shoot foxes in Buckinghamshire? No problem, thought Bruce Potts — except there were hares not foxes, and his pupil was a natural