Beretta 486 Parellelo

Beretta 486 Parallelo shotgun reviewed: a ‘little cracker of a gun’

At first glance, this month’s shotgun – the Beretta 486 Parallelo – may appear to be one for the diehard traditionalists – but look a little harder and you may be in for something of a surprise. Beretta 486 Parallelo is a little bit different Sitting as it does within…

Perazzi High Tech S Game

Perazzi High Tech S Game 12-bore

There is a great buzz of excitement among our customers here at the Oxfordshire Shooting School about the upcoming Game Fair. For some it will be about catching up with friends, others will be enjoying a day with the family, and many will be having a look at all things…

Berretta Ultraleggero shotgun

Beretta 12-bore Ultraleggero

The thinking behind the Beretta Ultraleggero I often find myself staring into the gun cabinet and pondering how an increase in steel shot usage could affect my current guns and how it will inform my future purchases. My conclusion is that, with a 12-bore, I see no great change in…

Miroku MK11 Game gun

Miroku MK11 Game sideplate £6,199

The MK11 sideplate leads the Miroku brand to a much higher quality level than its previous over-and-unders. The gun is a true hybrid from the Miroku/Browning stable, taking a lower action profile from the Browning B725 and an inertia trigger mechanism from the latest Browning B525. However, the action design…

A-Z guide to shooting terms

What’s my best gun for shooting clays and game?

Can you use a clay gun on a pheasant shoot? Yes. A lot of the differences between a clay and a game gun are subtle. Ventilated and wider ribs, manual safety and slightly different woodwork won’t really stand out on a game day. Most of the day the gun will…

Beretta 687 EELL Classic

Beretta 687 EELL Classic gun The Beretta 687 EELL is a gun that has been around in the shooting world for some years now. The action is tried and tested to infinity and beyond and it’s as well built as any action can be. There are thousands of 687EELLs in…

Winchester 101

The Winchester 101 – one of the classics

The Winchester 101 entered a production run which started in 1963 and went on for over 20 years. It was initially just produced in a game version (which was marketed as the Field in the USA), and the example pictured appears to have been made towards the middle of production…

Beretta 56E

Looking at a secondhand Beretta S56E

Beretta shotguns can often come at a price that is not for the faint-hearted. The premium EELL version of the DT11, for example, is a superb piece of engineering with the finest selected woodwork and exquisitely hand-engraved decoration and is aimed at the top end of the competition circuit right…

Breda Zenith L

The Breda Zenith L Game Gun

The new Breda Zenith L is set up to be a game gun. As such, it has a solid sighting rib that tapers from 11mm to 7mm, as well as a solid joining rib. The action has restrained foliate engraving and is polished, with parts of it being brushed steel.…

best game guns

8 of the best game guns

We’ve picked out eight of the best game guns around. Tips for buying a shotgun for gameshooting First, you will want something durable that handles well and you feel comfortable shooting with. Second, it is a good idea to have something lightweight if you are going to be doing a…

Browning 525 Shadow

Browning 525 Shadow

A game gun that stands out from the crowd but doesn't cost a fortune

Perazzi MX16

Perazzi MX16

The Perazzi MX16 – the Ferrari of shotguns? Often called the Ferrari of shotguns, Perazzis have a reputation for fast handling. They are regularly seen in the hands of masters like George Digweed and Ed Ling as they see off the competition. Unlike the Perazzi MX2000 S the MX16 is…

Chapuis C40 12 bore

Chapuis C40 12 bore reviewed by Shooting Gazette

Prior to picking up the Chapuis C40 for this month’s review the only other French shotgun I had shot before was a Darne made in the same region of France as the Chapuis but with a unique sliding breech action. So on opening the travel case I was quite relieved…


Fausti Class SL – tested in the field by Sporting Gun magazine

You know when a pair of shoes fits because it feels comfortable. It’s the same with shotguns. When I shouldered the Fausti Class SL my eye was in exactly the right place to look down the barrels, the trigger blade came easily to my finger and the gun fitted to…

Browning Crown

Browning Crown

Launched at the British Shooting Show in 2018, the Browning Crown (or Royal as the prototype was called) uses the renowned 525 action and is designed specifically as a game gun. It replaces the Grade 6, which was decorated with gold inlaid game birds on the action, which some thought…

Fausti Class RD

Fausti Class RD

The Editor of Sporting Gun puts this Italian game gun through its paces and discovers that Fausti's Class RD is a fast-handling gun whose performance more than matches its looks

Miroku MK 60 12-bore

Miroku MK60 12-bore

I am reviewing the Miroku MK60 High Pheasant, which is intended to be sold in pairs. The brand has been popular on the competition circuit for a long time and has chalked up many major titles in the hands of shooters like Mickey Rouse, Carl Bloxham and Kevin Mayor. If…