grouse shooting

Selfish Shots can be found everywhere, even on the foreshore

Stories of selfish Shots There is a story about a business tycoon who held the lease on a famous grouse moor. One day, he rang the keeper and asked for a day’s shooting to be laid on for a certain date in the near future. Slightly flustered by this sudden…

Guns and dogs off shooting

13 New Year resolutions for shooters

Encourage more people to eat game. This is one of the most important ways we can support our sport and ensure its future. Cook game whenever you can and encourage people to try it when they’re shopping in supermarkets – after all, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and Sainsburys all stock game…

gundog in crate in car

How can we tell a Gun that his dog isn’t welcome at our shoot?

Q: How do I ask one of our Guns, who has been a member of our syndicate for the past 10 years, not to bring his dog, without upsetting him? His dog barks, whines, starts fights, pinches food at lunch and is universally disliked. I know that he will take…

gun mount

How to move on from clay pigeon shooting to gameshooting

So you’re considering taking a step from clays to game? For many, the world of gameshooting is an interesting, if rather daunting and intimidating place. You may be comfortable on the clay ground, but how do you take the next move, to bridge the gap between shooting an inanimate object…

Despatching injured bird

What’s the most humane way to despatch a pricked bird?

Never leave an injured bird Every sportsman should keep unnecessary suffering to a minimum. The prime objective of shooting live quarry is to ensure an instant death for the bird but inevitably there are occasions when birds are pricked (wounded) and need to be quickly despatched. Our quarry deserves respect…

Driven shoot day

Shooting manners for those new to going out in the field

Have you been invited shooting for the first time this season? Worried about shooting manners for beginners? Wondering what to wear? Whether you have to bring your own gun? What to tip? Here are the guidelines you need to follow so that you conduct yourself perfectly. The right way to…

grouse shooting

Etiquette tips you need to know before setting off for the grouse moors

If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to the grouse moors this season then you’ll want to make sure you behave correctly and following the right etiquette for grouse shooting. However, this isn’t just a matter of saying please and thank you. It’s all about behaving considerately towards your…

country clothing

What to wear shooting

We advise you on what to wear shooting, whether at the clay ground or in the field

when do woodpigeons feed?

How to get permission for pigeon shooting

Permission for pigeon shooting can be hard to get. A lot of the time it’s about getting to know people before you’ll get anywhere. Think of it from the farmer’s point of view. He or she needs to have complete confidence in the person asking and won’t give a permission…

dog retrieving pheasant

How to deal with Guns who are after bag quantity, not quality

Be discreet, says Steve Nutall of Border Fieldsports Why are some Guns still after shooting big bags? I’m not just talking driven pheasants and partridge, here. Even some so-called wildfowlers and rough shooters seem to play the numbers game these days. If you see plenty of wild geese on a…

beating on a shoot and picking up team

10 must-reads about beating and picking-up on a shoot

If it’s your first time out, then your fellow beaters and pickers-up will show you the ropes. In the meantime, here’s a selection of articles you’ll find useful to browse through … 1. 16 things only beaters know (and Guns should) Beating is tough work and challenging to get right.…

shoot briefing

How to make sure a shoot day goes well

Whether it’s your first shoot day or the first one of the season, how can you best prepare for it and get the most out of the day? Shoot location Where the shoot is will give you a clue as to how the birds will be presented. Is it in…

first day on a shoot

What to expect on your first day pheasant shooting

Wondering how your first day pheasant shooting is going to turn out? We asked some experienced shooters what novices should expect on their first day. An exciting buzz “All shoot day mornings are exciting. There is a buzz as you arrive for coffee and to draw pegs. Keepers, beaters, pickers-up,…

what is a shooting syndicate

Just what is a shooting syndicate?

If you are a member of a syndicate shoot, are you aware of all the legal aspects? David Barrington Barnes runs through how not to become the wrong sort of syndicate

The bigger the shoot, the less respect?

Picking-up is about one thing — finding shot birds. The joy I get from finding one bird that would otherwise be lost gives me more pleasure than shooting even the highest of pheasants. Over the years I have managed to climb the picking-up tree, from a small syndicate with one…

shoot lunch picnic

What you need to know BEFORE replying to a shooting invitation

An invitation to shoot is a highlight in any gameshooter’s calendar. The host has three methods at their disposal when inviting a guest to shoot: telephone, written missive sent by post or email. An oral invitation via telephone is the easiest and most practical method, not least because the guest…

what ladies should wear shooting

Ladies in the field – some advice on what to wear

Hicks & Brown was set up by designer sisters Alice and Rosie, who were brought up on a farm and have excellent fieldsports credentials. We asked them for their tips on what ladies should wear in the field  (and not wear) and what’s good to wear on a warm autumnal…

becoming a loader

I want to become a loader. Should I do a course?

I have loaded for some years, and although competent, I decided it was time to get a qualification in the subject. Why  
is a loading course a good idea? One of the significant reasons for picking up a loading qualification is for health and safety purposes. Shoots and estates have…