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A key part of being a shooter

Gun cabinets (or as some people call them, gun safes) are a key piece of kit for a gun owner because the law states that you must keep guns and ammunition safely locked away. It’s an important part of being a responsible shooter.

On 12th December 2019 the UK law changed and now states that: ” When a firearm or shotgun certificate holder is under the age of 18, arrangements must be made for an individual aged 18 or over to assume responsibility for the secure storage of the firearms and ammunition held on the young person’s certificate.”

According to BASC: The person assuming responsibility must be either the certificate holder’s parent or guardian or a person aged 18 or over who is authorised to have possession of such firearms and ammunition. It may not always be necessary for the parent or guardian to also have a firearms certificate if arrangements are made for the firearm to be secured in a cabinet with two separate locks which can only be opened when both key holders are present and one of the key holders is a certificate holder.

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Clever and practical – this gun cabinet doubles up as a coat rack

Choosing a gun cabinet

Nowadays there is plenty of choice, ranging from utilitarian metal gun cabinets through to decorative pieces of furniture that belie their real purpose.

As for keys, new technology means that personal security codes can replace traditional key-operated locks and some of the latest gun safes can even be opened by your fingerprint.

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Plenty of room inside this Browning gun cabinet

Got a query about a gun safe? You’ll find the answers in our informative articles here.

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7 of the best gun cabinets

Remember all gun cabinets and gun safes must conform to the British standard, have secure locks and be fixed to a secure structure. Contact your local police firearms department if you have a query on where to fit your gun cabinet or safe. The police prefer a gun cabinet to…

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Can I store my guns in the attic?

Q: I am applying for a firearms certificate so that I can acquire a .243 calibre rifle for stalking. I understand that I must obtain a gun cabinet, which I am considering installing in my attic. Would this be a suitable location? A: While an attic may appear to 

testing gun cabinets

Would your gun cabinet pass the test?

A muscular man in the middle of the room swung a large hammer up over his head and brought it crashing down on a metal cabinet. It was not an ordinary Wednesday and Utah was not an ordinary destination for a Shooting Times assignment. Browning’s ProSteel gun 
cabinet factory sits…

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7 legal things about gun cabinets you need to know

1.  Do you need to heat your gun cabinets in winter? If the temperature is plummeting outside will your guns suffer if the cabinet is in an unheated room that’s a bit damp? Is there a danger of the cabinet rusting?  Coldness on its own does not cause rust, but…

Where should I keep my gun cabinet keys safely?

On Sunday August 10 1997 a police officer called at the house of Mr Mark Farrer. He wanted to inspect his firearms security. Mr Farrer was not at home. His mother, then in her 80s, who did not hold a certificate, fetched the officer the key and allowed him access to the gun cabinet. The Chief Constable then declined…

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Storing guns: advice from the police

“Many people don’t realise that the law does not actually require you have a purpose-made firearms cabinet,” said Dave Mathias, Explosive Liaison Officer with the Devon and Cornwall Police. “It just says that all reasonable measures must be taken to ensure their safe keeping. We do have to take a…

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How many guns can you store in a gun cabinet?

Q: When I got my shotgun licence three years ago I bought a four-gun cabinet. I’ve just bought my fifth shotgun and have been told by my firearms enquiry officer (FEO) that I am only allowed to own four because that is all my cabinet was intended for. Do 

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Can I break my gun down into parts to store it?

Q: I need to buy a gun safe for my house, but I don’t have room for a full-size cabinet. I will therefore need to break my gun down into its parts to store it. Will this cause any problems with the gun? A: None whatsoever. Shotguns are designed to be broken…

My gun cabinet

Do I have to tell police when I move my gun cabinet?

A: Firearm security is the responsibility of the certificate holder not the police. Read condition 4(a) on your certificate. Police involvement is limited to advice only. You don’t need to tell police when you move your gun cabinet There is no statutory duty or need to tell the police that you have moved your cabinet. If you do…


Cohabiting? What’s the law on shotgun licences and gunsafes?

A: It always makes practical sense for cohabitees to have each other’s shotguns listed on both their individual certificates. If that is done, there never can be any question about either party having access to the other’s shotguns. The same holds true for Section 1 Firearms but then both parties will have to satisfy the “good reason” test…

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Can my wife use my gun cabinet for her shotguns?

A: Every firearm and shotgun certificate carries a statutory condition which states that: “(a) The firearms and ammunition [or shotguns] to which the certificate relates must at all times (except in the circumstances set out in paragraph (b) below) be stored securely so as to prevent so far as is reasonably…

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Which gun safe is safest?

Q: I wanted to upgrade my gun safe security and buy a fireproof safe of some sort. Do you have any recommendations? A: Many people go for the minimum-security requirements in terms of gun safes, but if you total the cost of your rifles, scopes and sound moderators compared with the initial…