line up cast to check gun fit

How to line up your cast (to make sure your gun fits properly)

Here I outline some of the most important aspects of gun fit  and explain how to line up cast to check gun fit. The aim is to help newcomers have a clear understanding of how important it is and the implications of the wrong fit and how to make clear…

Gun stock

How to check the stock on a side-by-side shotgun

Gun fitting: I am toying with the idea of buying a gun with a skeleton adjustable stock so that I can set it up to fit me perfectly, then transfer the measurements to any other gun I might buy in the future.

Gun fit

Gun fit terms you need to know

Do you know this gun fit terminology? Cast Cast off: This is the degree to which the shotgun’s stock is offset from its centre point and to the right. The aim is to allow the right-handed user’s line of sight to be directly down the centre of the rib from the breech to the bead…

Ben Davies of Bisley

Gun mount and gun fit – going back to basics

Close decoying pigeons often look like the easiest shot, but too many misses can be the start to a memorable day for all the wrong reasons. The key is attention to basics — I often tell clients that if it feels hard, they are doing it wrong — so the…