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Can a local registered firearms dealer ‘confiscate’ an air rifle?

All responsible airgunners should know their airgun law correctly so that their activities don’t put the sport into disrepute. But what happens if an air rifle is confiscated by a firearms dealer? Here’s what our legal expert advised when a reader felt he had a justified complaint as to how…

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Husband and wife gun cabinets – do we really need one each?

We all know that as responsible shooters we need to store our firearms securely. But what’s the deal if two partners sharing a home both have guns? Does each individual need their own gun cabinet? And what about the gun cabinet keys – should each partner know where the others…

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What are the latest waiting times for shotgun and firearm certificates?

Just how long does it take to receive or renew a shotgun licence or firearms certificate these days. Your firearms and/or shotgun waiting time all depends on where you live. Shotgun licence waiting time in 2019 The table below created by British Association of Shooting & Conservation (BASC) shows the…

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Should a youngster have his or her own shotgun certificate?

Q:  I would like to buy my son his first shotgun as a birthday present when he turns 14 this summer. Can he have his own shotgun certificate or is it best to put it on mine? A: Whilst I would suggest the new shotgun should be on yours as…

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My shotgun certificate renewal has been refused!

The police have refused to renew my shotgun certificate on the grounds that I pose a threat to public safety or the peace, citing my domestic circumstances, and the fact that I had a shotgun in the boot of my car when the FEO visited - I was about to…

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Gun lending rules

Q: When a person lends a shotgun to a non-certificate holder on 
a private shoot, must the gun be 
on their certificate? Loans of shotguns and gun lending on private premises is now regulated by 
the Policing and Crime Act 2017. Section 130 of the act merely states: “A person…

Help! How can I get my guns back from the police?

How can I get my guns back from the police? Last year, the relationship with my longterm partner ended, although not very amicably. Some days later, I received a visit from the firearms department at 9.15 in the evening.

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How do I add guns to a firearms certificate?

Q: I have held a shotgun certificate for 40 years, initially for roughshooting, but in recent years, mainly for skeet and DTL. Two years ago I decided that I would like to add FAC to my shooting disciplines and  joined my local shooting club as an airgun member, being added to…

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Do I need lessons before I get my shotgun licence?

Shotgun licence: I’ve spent some time with a small shoot this season and love it, and I now fancy taking up shooting myself. How do I get started? Can I receive instruction before getting a shotgun licence?