Do police need their own shotgun licence to take your guns?

Shotgun licence: If a police officer is required to take a firearm from you, surely they must be firearms qualified and hold a shotgun licence? Many police officers are not sure about firearms and wouldn’t know if a gun is loaded. Who is responsible? I thought we, as licence holders,…

How can I get a transfer licence to buy a shotgun from Spain?

David Frost You need to contact the Spanish Embassy in London and ask them – Alternatively the Ministry of the Interior has a website at and the main Spanish shooting organisation has one at – both are in Spanish but your relative may speak the language if…

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Do I have to get a gun straight after my shotgun licence?

Shotgun licence: Is there a time limit after getting a shotgun licence in which I have to buy a gun? I’d planned to get one pretty soon after the certificate arrived but now I’ve been made redundant there are more pressing demands on my finances.

What’s this form in my shotgun licence renewal pack?

What’s this form in my shotgun licence renewal pack?

Shotgun licence: I live in Essex and included in my recent shotgun certificate renewal pack there was a form I was required to sign to the effect that if my certificate renewal was delayed I could keep my guns in the approved storage but not use them.

I have been asked to act as a Firearms Certificate mentor!

Firearms Certificate mentor: I have been asked to act as mentor for a friend of mine who has recently been granted an FAC, subject to having a mentor. Are there any issues I should be aware of if i decide to become an FAC mentor?