Labrador bitch with gundog puppies

There are so many questions when it comes to choosing and buying gundog puppies.

For a start, which would be the right gundog breed for you? A lot depends on the sort of work you want the dog to do – for example, if you’re a wildfowler then you’re almost certainly going to choose a Labrador.

English springer puppy

Breeds like cocker spaniels and springers have their followers too. Then there are the hunt, point and retrieve breeds (HPR).

  • Even at a young age puppies will start to establish a ‘pecking’ order.
  • The independent puppy may feel intimidated by the over-excitement of his brothers and sisters, or he could be a puppy that watches and weighs things up before wading in with all fours – a thinker.
  • Puppies that don’t get involved with playtime do develop into clingy individuals when separated from the other puppies.
  • If you are looking for a puppy to compete with at a later stage, look for one that shows lots of natural ability such as hunting.
  • Try short retrieving exercises with a lightweight dummy or old sock, even at a young age.
  • Many gundog trainers like a puppy to be very bold and outgoing and in the thick of it at all times.

Finding a reputable gundog breeder and checking the puppy’s health and heritage are all part of the process.

puppy with ball

When should you start training your puppy? How young is too young? And when should it make its first foray out into the field? What can you expect?

If you’re considering breeding from your own dog we’ve plenty of advice on that subject at well.

Finally, we’ve a useful guide to gundog terminology here, so you’re familiar with all the right words.

how to introduce a puppy to gunfire

Choosing a stud dog

Which are the most important qualities to look for when selecting your stud dog?

English springer puppy

What to look for in a gundog’s pedigree certificate

A reputable gundog breeder should provide the gundog puppy’s pedigree before you make a commitment to buy. This is because the dog’s pedigree is one of the things a professional breeder uses when planning a litter. A wise and well informed gundog buyer will look at the pedigree when deciding…

gundog puppies and COVID-19

Puppies and umbelical hernias – what you need to know

Umbilical hernia on puppy Q: My puppy bitch has an umbilical hernia that the vet intended to repair when she was spayed after her first season. However, we are having second thoughts about neutering her and wanted to know if this means she still needs an operation to repair her…


What should I do about my dog’s dewclaws?

Dogs and dewclaws Q: My dog still has his dewclaws, but I’ve been told that these are usually removed soon after birth. Is it too late to have them removed now? What would you advise? A: It is legal to remove dewclaws from puppies whose eyes have not yet opened.…

black Labrador puppy

How can I find the right Labrador puppy these days?

Q: I have been struggling to find a Labrador puppy because there seems to have been a big demand for them as pets during lockdown. 
 I have been advised to wait a while because it’s expected that a lot of young dogs will need to be rehomed in the…

beware over-exercising a puppy

The risks of over-exercising a puppy

Q: We have recently acquired a new puppy. Both parents were hip and elbow tested and found to be clear and I’ve been told by the breeder to be careful about over-exercising a puppy while he is young because it could damage his joints. 
I want to start training this…

black Labrador puppy

What your puppy will need to get used to when lockdown ends

This has been an unusual time for all of us in pretty much every aspect of our lives and dog training is no exception. In some ways lockdown has helped in that people now have more time to spend with their dogs. However, given that most were unable to leave…

working cocker spaniel

Gundog thefts soaring as prices rise

Gundog owners are being warned to be particularly careful following a dramatic increase in gundog thefts, with spaniels seeming to be a particular target. Keeper Jon Gaunt had three springer spaniels stolen from his East Sussex home in early May. Despite an extensive publicity campaign and “brilliant” support from his…

choosing a gundog puppy

COVID-19 making gundog puppies pricier and harder to come by

Gundog puppies from traditional breeds such as spaniels and Labradors are becoming more expensive and harder to find due to raised demand following lockdown. Shooting Times contributor and gundog breeder Jeremy Hunt of Fenway Labradors remarked: “The demand for Labrador puppies, and not just working ones, has gone crazy. The…

how to introduce a puppy to gunfire

At what age should you introduce a puppy to gunfire?

The most important thing to remember about when you introduce a puppy to gunfire noise is that you should take it gently and not rush anything. If your gundog puppy is confident you should be able to start at about seven to eight months of age. If she is timid…

gundog puppies and COVID-19

Gundog puppies and Covid-19. Some guidance.

Here’s some guidance on gundog puppies and COVID-19 during lockdown. It is only guidance so depending on your situation, you should contact the Kennel Club or your local vet who will have definitive advice. Viewing of a potential puppy and its litter mates should be done electronically. If you have…

sprocker puppy

What should you expect with a sprocker puppy?

Should you get a sprocker puppy? Q: I am intending to get a gundog puppy this spring that I can train to accompany me shooting. Having done some homework and looked at various breeds, I had decided on either a cocker or springer spaniel, but I am a little concerned…

Raw chicken wings for dogs

Why raw chicken wings are perfect for dogs

Raw chicken wings for dogs are ideal It’s often claimed that chicken bones are brittle, liable to splinter and are thus dangerous for a dog to eat. That’s certainly true of cooked chicken bones, but raw chicken bones are rubbery and make ideal food for a dog whose digestive system…

gundog puppies

How to give your gundog puppy the best start in life

Over the coming months, many gundog bitches will cast off the lissom figures they acquired during the shooting season. They will take on a more matronly demeanour of pregnancy as they are given the important job of producing a litter of spring or summer puppies. But how prepared are first-time…