How to sell puppies

Gundog puppies: How to sell responsibly

For the one-bitch owner, the decision to breed a litter is often simply about wanting to keep a pup for themselves. But faced with a puppy pen full of fast-growing whelps, all too often what seemed like a good idea can suddenly turn into a puppy marketing panic. Rearing gundog…

Breeding puppies

Tips on breeding puppies from older dogs

When it comes to breeding puppies, an older dog should still be perfectly capable of producing a litter if she has always come into season regularly. Of course, older dogs mated for the first time can sometimes be a little more reluctant to accept a dog, but that very much…

new born puppy

Birthing gundogs

In the concluding part of a two-part series, Tony Price guides breeders through the process of bringing their working bitch’s puppies into the world

Buying a gundog puppy

Shooting UK helps you buy the right gundog with this guide to finding the best adverts, selecting a healthy litter and choosing the best puppy

Should I take our gun dogs to a profesional trailer?

Gun dogs: I am 21 years old and have a cocker spaniel puppy that I want to train to take shooting. My boyfriend already has a springer that he uses at the peg, but it will not sit still, and I want my dog to be under more control.

How to buy a gundog puppy

Gundog puppy: A good gundog puppy doesn't come cheap but cutting corners could be costly.

Puppy health advice: Elbows and X-Rays

Puppy: Why is it so important for working labradors to have their elbow joints X-rayed at the same time as their hips are checked? And what is the best approach with a puppy?

My puppy gets overly excited when around other people!

Gundog training: I try to socialise my 5 month-old Labrador puppy as much as possible, but while she is well behaved with me on our own - as soon as she sees other people I lose all control of her.

Should I let my puppy chase game to get it hunting?

Gundog training: I am soon getting my first spaniel puppy, having previously owned Labradors. I have read several books, all written some time ago, but they all contradict each other on how to bring on a spaniel.

Gundog training – Pulling on the lead

I have been using a choke chain to try to stop my gundog pulling on the lead. He was fine as a puppy, but now pulls like mad when I take him to the park.