microchips for working dogs

Microchips for working dogs

Question: I have heard that working dogs are exempt from compulsory microchipping. Does that mean that I needn’t have had my Labrador, which I work on a number of local shoots, microchipped recently? Veterinary surgeon Tony Buckwell advised: What you have heard is not quite correct. The exemption, under the Microchipping of Dogs…

Lab in a fleece

Keeping your dog safe from ticks and burrs

There’s not much Mary Leigh of Equafleece doesn’t know about keeping a dog healthy and comfortable. She set up Equafleece 16 years ago and it’s quickly become a popular brand with gundog owners. We asked her a few questions. Shooting UK: How can you protect your dog from ticks and…


10 things you need to know about dog microchipping

Approximately one in five dogs have not been microchipped, according to DEFRA. The estimated dog population in the UK is 8.5 million – 86 per cent of which (7.34 million) of which have been microchipped. The remaining 14 per cent need to have a microchip by 6th April 2016 when it…

Gundog breed Labrador

Which gundog breed would suit all of my needs best?

A: First, find a gundog club by visiting The Kennel Club. This will have details of location, area of operation and what the club in question has to offer. Not all gundog clubs run training classes but most will be able to put you in touch with a good gundog trainer. Your…


How do I stop my gundog from whining?

Mark Whitehouse says: Making noise and whining are major eliminating faults in field trialling events, and this could be one of the reasons he has been sold as a shooting companion You would expect him to have undergone a reasonable amount of patience training, but it is never too late…

Do electric fences hurt gundogs

Do electric fences hurt gundogs?

Shocks from electric fences can be painful but your dog shouldn't experience lasting trauma. If your dog still seems affected after the shock, you should see your vet

Dog training with a whistle

Gundog training: How to use the stop whistle

Gundog training: I am training my new dog and want to get her used to the stop whistle. Some people say you can make dogs hesitant if you get too hung up on it. What do you suggest?

Gundog breeds: Why buy a Weimaraner?

Weimaraner: These distinctive German dogs are often misunderstood but, in the right hands, the Weimaraner can be excellent gundogs.

Wildfowling dog

Will my Labrador make a good wildfowling dog?

Wildfowling dog: My two-year old Labrador is enjoying his first season in the field and doing okay – he has picked a variety of game, but one thing he hasn’t retrieved are geese.