Dog training with a whistle

Gundog training: How to use the stop whistle

Gundog training: I am training my new dog and want to get her used to the stop whistle. Some people say you can make dogs hesitant if you get too hung up on it. What do you suggest?

Gundog breeds: Why buy a Weimaraner?

Weimaraner: These distinctive German dogs are often misunderstood but, in the right hands, the Weimaraner can be excellent gundogs.

Wildfowling dog

Will my Labrador make a good wildfowling dog?

Wildfowling dog: My two-year old Labrador is enjoying his first season in the field and doing okay – he has picked a variety of game, but one thing he hasn’t retrieved are geese.

How do I stop my gundog circling me with a retrieve?

Gundog training with my 11 month-old Labrador is coming on well, apart from displaying an annoying habit, circling me with a retrieve when he returns. Why is it happening and how can I stop him doing it?

My gundog has a dry, bleeding nose!

We have a two-year old working Cocker spaniel that’s extremely fit and full of energy. However he has always had a dry nose that has got worse recently: it bleeds a little and he sometimes sniffs and sneezes.

My gundog has been lame on and off!

I have a giant young black lab who is only eight months but already bigger than his Mum. He has been lame on and off on his front legs for weeks.