My gundog has a dry, bleeding nose!

We have a two-year old working Cocker spaniel that’s extremely fit and full of energy. However he has always had a dry nose that has got worse recently: it bleeds a little and he sometimes sniffs and sneezes.

My gundog has been lame on and off!

I have a giant young black lab who is only eight months but already bigger than his Mum. He has been lame on and off on his front legs for weeks.

My gundog ignores me when working in sugarbeet!

After training my gundog I worked it for the first time last season – and noticed he was less responsive to the whistle when working in sugar beet than at other times. Any idea why?

What’s the law on dogs worrying sheep?

My sheep have recently been twice attacked by a dog and several injured. What is the legal position regarding shooting a dog under these circumstances?