What’s the law on dogs worrying sheep?

My sheep have recently been twice attacked by a dog and several injured. What is the legal position regarding shooting a dog under these circumstances?

What can I do to get my gun dog to pick hares again?

What can I do to get my spaniel to pick hares again? She refuses to have anything to do with them after one she was bringing back started screaming. Have you come across this sort of situation before?

How do I get my gun dog interested in hunting?

My gun dog retrieves dummies nicely but he's prone to lose interest in hunting if he doesn't find it almost straightaway. Is there anything I can do to keep him working the ground more thoroughly and not to give up so easily?

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Blood transfusions for gun dogs?

How far should you go to save the life of your most loyal shooting companion? This dilemma was faced by Leicestershire farmer, Peter Hornbuckle, when his cocker spaniel gundog collapsed one Sunday morning.

Why does my Labrador gundog not like feathers?

My three year old gun dog enjoys retrieving everything I shoot, except woodpigeons. He doesn't seem to like loose feathers in his mouth. Is there anything I can do to cure this, or is he a lost cause?

Irish terrier

Are Irish terriers difficult to train?

I have a five month old Irish terrier bitch I would like to use for rough-shooting. Can you recommend anybody who could help me train this type of dog as I have heard they can be difficult?

Why would my gundog not pick a flapping pigeon?

I sent him out to pick a winged pigeon, but he refused to pick the flapping bird. Shortly after he picked another winged bird and brought it perfectly to hand. Why would he not pick the first bird?

How do I protect  dogs’ ears from grass seeds?

How do I protect dogs’ ears from grass seeds?

My two cockers are inclined to get grass seed down their ears at this time of year. This has resulted in visits to the vet to have the seed removed under anaesthetic. Can you suggest a way of protecting their ears?

Do anti-bark collars really work for gun dogs?

One of my gun dogs barks constantly in the kennel and a neighbour has complained about the noise. How can I stop him? Someone said I should try an anti-bark collar. Are they effective?

My dog doesn’t use its nose

How can I encourage my two-year old labrador to use his nose more often when I send him for a retrieve? At the moment he seems to prefer using his eyes - and he's starting to ignore whistle commands. What can I do?

Can I legally shoot dogs destroying my animals?

Can I legally shoot dogs destroying my animals?

My neighbour's dogs are persistently chasing and killing my valuable rare breed poultry, and he will not control them. Have I the right to take summary action by shooting them if caught in the act?

Can you give me some information about buying a gundog?

Can you give me some information about buying a gundog?

I am intending to buy a gundog puppy for rough-shooting. Can you advise me who to approach for the information about the relevance of hip and eye scores? I also don't understand technical terms, such as FTCh, FTW, GWT winner and D/DC?