Browning Maxus

Browning Maxus

It seems unlikely we’ll ever see the day they become an acceptable sight on the peg, if Browning continues to create products like this one they may become a far more familiar sight for our other sporting activities. For a gamekeeper, especially those with a firearms licence, they are an extremely flexible…

Marocchi XTR

Marocchi XTR

It is odd how ideas and values influence fashion, or are influenced by fashion. Take the semi-automatic shotgun: not so long ago it was welcome in shooting company as a dog with mange. Even otherwise enthusiastic firearms historians were wont to look askance at the semi-auto or self-loading shotgun. Technically,…

Pigeon shooting

Guns for pigeon shooting for under £500

If you’re gameshooting then you’ve got to be aware of etiquette. You have to dress the right way and say the right things. And be a safe Shot of course. Pigeon shooting is different – although you obviously still need to be a safe Shot. What you wear is dependent…

Pigeon shooting chokes

Which are the best chokes for pigeon shooting?

Edward Watson: Now the season is over, it is so important to keep shooting. Most of you will break some clays in the off season, but if you do get the chance to shoot some pigeons, then please do. It is a wonderful way to shoot at live birds while…

Are people using steel shot cartridges for pigeon shooting?

Pigeon shooting: In your opinion, are more pigeon shooters now using steel shot cartridges to keep costs down? The reason I ask is that nobody seems to be talking about the subject, yet clay shooters openly admit that they are using the stuff.