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A lesson on driven grouse targets

Although the RBSS is a clayground, gameshooting tuition is very high on its agenda. The school has an excellent grouse butt and 25-bird sequence, which ends in a four-clay “covey”. Among several of the school’s old- timer instructors is Gordon Robinson, who had volunteered to offer his advice on how…

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Starting shooting with clays

 The first clay pigeon shoots started around 1885 as an affordable alternative to competitions using live pigeons as targets. Shooting schools – particularly those owned by London gunmakers – set up courses to simulate the flight of live birds. The new sport quickly became a hit with Victorian and Edwardian game…

My clay shooting improves against a wooded backdrop!

I enjoy shooting English Sporting at different clay shooting clubs in my area and find that I always get better scores when the layout is in, or alongside, woodland rather than those in the open. Why should this be?

Do I need an instructor to improve my clay shooting?

How can I teach myself to shoot better without the help of an instructor? I'm happy with my gun mount and gun because I make a point of picking it up for a few minutes dry mounting practice every day.

My clay pigeon shooting gets worse on holiday!

I really enjoy clay pigeon shooting on holiday to Spain and Cyprus in the summer for an odd competition shoot or two, but I’ve noticed that I never manage to match the Sporting averages I get here.

What’s the secret to smooth clay shooting?

I’m always amazed at how slowly and smoothly clay shooting pros mount their guns on even the fastest target. They also seem to hardly move the barrels. What’s their secret?