best shotgun cartridge for high birds

Which is the best shotgun cartridge for hitting high birds?

I noticed something last season. I saw some fellow Guns shooting birds at extreme range – higher than 60 yards – and I was also successful with some of my birds. What occurred to me was that a few years ago these birds would certainly have been out of range.…

stock bolt tightening

How tight must the stock and scope screws on my gun be?

I have finally, after much grunting and cursing, succeeded in loosening and removing the stock bolt from my Miroku 6000. When I re-assemble the gun after cleaning the action, must I put the bolt back as tight as it was?

Comb height on a shotgun

What you need to do to get a clear view along your gun

In this article we take a closer look at the importance of comb height. In particular, how to assess a newcomer’s requirements and understand the relevance of the combination of correct comb height and stock length. Both will 
help a Gun shoot to a higher standard. What is comb height?…

Could these be your best-ever shooting sunglasses?

Wear a pair of KomodoPro sunglasses and you’ll never be able to blame your poor shooting on bright light and glare again. That is because they include the latest technology in the form of a solar powered microchip which reacts to the light instantly. Guaranteed for life Buy a pair…

Tips for airgunners

5 tips for airgunners

Mat Manning offers five key tips for airgunners to improve their fieldcraft 1. Go on a reconnaissance mission Reconnaissance around your shooting permissions will help you to target the right places at the right time but all wildlife observation is beneficial — whether in the field, car, park or garden. Observing…

professional gun fitting with a try-gun

Will professional gun fitting help my shooting?

I would like to have the stock on my new Beretta Silver Pigeon professionally fitted because I don’t feel as though I am shooting as well with it as I should. I have never had a gun fitted before and wondered if you can you recommend a fitter with a…

Your first day in the field

In the fourth part of our Shooting Times series on how to become the Shot you’ve always wanted, in association with Hull Cartridge, Tom Payne is looking at how to approach your first day in the field – from how to stand on the peg to the proper way to…

shooting instruction

How do I keep my head on the stock?

Shooting technique and gun stocks Q: No matter how hard I try I can’t keep my head on the stock. According to a friend I invariably lift my head to ‘watch’ the target. How can I stop myself doing this? A: There could be a number of reasons why this…

Getting your footwork right

In the third instalment of our series on how to become the Shot you’ve always wanted to be, in association with Hull Cartridge, Tom Payne teaches you how to up your game whether it’s a right-to-left crosser, a left-to-right crosser or a pheasant soaring straight over your head. Episode 3…

gun mount practice

How to practise your gun mount at home

There is no substitute for regular gun mounting practise to achieve a smooth, fluent and efficient mount — bringing the comb up under the gun sight, aligning your shooting eye perfectly time after time. Exercises to practise your gun mount at home Use an unloaded gun and have a large…

How to hold a shotgun

How to hold a shotgun

I always watch the best shooters at our club and can't help but marvel at how easy they make everything look. They seem to have all the time in the world to mount the gun and break the clay.

Eye dominance and how a gun works

In episode one of ‘How to be a better Shot’, instructor Tom Payne gives Patrick Galbraith, editor of Shooting Times,  a step-by-step tutorial on how a gun works and eye dominance.  The pair go back to basics in order to help Patrick conquer crossers and master high birds.  

Left eye dominance

Will I always need a patch for my left-eye dominance?

I'm a lady gun and have just begun shooting. I'm left-eye dominant and my instructor demonstrated that a small patch or piece of tape on the lens of my safety glasses would help with this problem.