English setter

Passing over pedigrees?

EARLIER THIS MONTH The Telegraph asked readers to vote online for their favourite breed of dog, which they did in impressive numbers. More than 30,000 votes were cast during the four days the poll was open. Its results make fascinating reading, for in the number one slot wasn’t a breed at…

Mark and Jamie Bettinson

Mark and Jamie Bettinson: A profile

A glance at the diary entries on the desk at Bridgecroft Kennels in Hengoed, south Wales, reads like a who’s who of field trialling. Bridgecroft is one of the nerve centres of the UK trialling scene. Mark Bettinson was born three miles from the kennels and Jamie, his son, just…

Labrador retrieve point-of-view video

Labrador retrieve point-of-view video

If you’ve ever wondered what your dog sees when going for a retrieve, the video above has the answer. Seth Morris mounted a GoPro camera to his yellow labrador and filmed the dog’s point of view when he was playing in the park. The video shows the pet labrador fetching…

Wildfowling dog

Will my Labrador make a good wildfowling dog?

Wildfowling dog: My two-year old Labrador is enjoying his first season in the field and doing okay – he has picked a variety of game, but one thing he hasn’t retrieved are geese.

My Labrador killed a neighbour’s cat!

Two days ago my Labrador killed a neighbour’s objectionable tom-cat when it strayed onto my smallholding and the owners now say they are going to sue and want my soft old dog – which has never shown any aggression in the past - destroyed.

Labrador Retriever Gun Dog Club

The Ampton Shoot, Great Livermere, Suffolk was the venue for the Labrador Retriever Club's all aged stake by kind invitation of Peter Hammond and Mike Scales's party of guns, who shot extremely well throughout.

Why does my Labrador gundog not like feathers?

My three year old gun dog enjoys retrieving everything I shoot, except woodpigeons. He doesn't seem to like loose feathers in his mouth. Is there anything I can do to cure this, or is he a lost cause?