My Labrador killed a neighbour’s cat!

Two days ago my Labrador killed a neighbour’s objectionable tom-cat when it strayed onto my smallholding and the owners now say they are going to sue and want my soft old dog – which has never shown any aggression in the past - destroyed.

Labrador Retriever Gun Dog Club

The Ampton Shoot, Great Livermere, Suffolk was the venue for the Labrador Retriever Club's all aged stake by kind invitation of Peter Hammond and Mike Scales's party of guns, who shot extremely well throughout.

Why does my Labrador gundog not like feathers?

My three year old gun dog enjoys retrieving everything I shoot, except woodpigeons. He doesn't seem to like loose feathers in his mouth. Is there anything I can do to cure this, or is he a lost cause?

Labrador Club of Scotland spring gun dog test

The LCS held their annual spring gun dog test at Logiealmond Estate. Many thanks to Lord Mansfield and Roddy McIntosh for allowing the club back for this well attended test.

Labrador rescue

Labrador rescue

Hugely popular as a breed, but not suitable for everyone — what happens when Labradors need rehoming? Tony Jackson on the work of the Labrador Rescue Trust