Thermal imaging for airgunners

Thermal imaging for airgunners – testing out some options

It wasn’t long ago that basic infrared night-vision optics were regarded as being too expensive, too complicated and too bulky to be a worthwhile proposition for airgun shooters. Just a few years later and thermal imaging for airgunners has become standard equipment for anyone who carries out regular after-dark pest…

Swarovski EL Range with tracking assistance

Binoculars which combine state-of-the-art optics with precise measuring functions. The integrated tilt indicator with a unique angle shot program displays either the adjusted shooting distance or the angle. The EL RANGE gives you precise measurements from a distance of 10 meters.

Wild boar, Sus scrofa, in the Forest of Dean

Hunting wild boar in the UK using thermal imaging equipment

Wild boar hunting in the UK The United Kingdom’s native wild boar population officially became extinct in the late part of the 17th Century. Roughly three hundred years later, in the early 1980’s, the species retuned as keeping of wild boar in a captive environment became popular with British farmers…

ZEISS V8 range

Looking at the versatile ZEISS Victory V8 range

The Zeiss V8 range sports four models that utilise, as the name suggests, a power range of eight magnification, that is to say, 1.1-8x30mm, 1.8-14x50mm, 2.8-20x56mm or on test is their 4.8-35x60mm V8 model. A premium scope designed to be as capable in woodland at close range as it is reaching…

Pulsar Krypton XG50 thermal-imaging unit

The Pulsar Krypton XG50 thermal-imaging unit

The Krypton XG50 looks almost identical to the popular front-mounted F155 and the later F455 night-vision models, and the button layout and functions are practically the same. The Krypton, however, is purely a thermal unit, working solely on the heat source given off by your quarry. It comes supplied with…

Zeiss DTI 3-35 thermal imaging

Always wanted to try out ZEISS optics? Now you can for 48 hours free of charge

ZEISS optics have a growing number of fans amongst stalkers and the company’s new thermal imaging digital camera has received a lot of attention from hunters lately. However buying new optics can be quite an investment, so before spending your money you need to know that you’re buying exactly the…

Zeiss DTI 3/35 monocular

20 things to know about the new ZEISS DTI 3/35 monocular

Why the ZEISS DTI 3/35 monocular is a game changer Excellent optics deliver reliable identification even in darkness Device is easy to use and extremely intuitive Quarry identification is simplified due to high-resolution HD LCOS display combined with 0.5x zoom increments Offers the performance, reliability and optical excellent expected from ZEISS…