Brown rat

Cartridges for vermin

The game season might be finished but now’s the time to mount an onslaught against those birds and beasties which, given half a chance will steal game bird eggs and kill sitting hens come the nesting season

Lamping with lurchers

Lamping with lurchers

A lurcher by definition is a crossbred creature, one created by a number of breeds with the intention to retain attributes from each ingredient of the mixture. Such cocktails have been created for centuries – long before it was trendy to cross one breed to another. Some say a lurcher is…

Trapping and shooting squirrels

How to use trapping and shooting techniques to control squirrels

Now is the time to get on top of all those pest control jobs. With much greater access to the woodland areas we can now make a serious dint in the squirrel population before the ground-nesting birds start to lay. As a pest controller, I get some of the strangest of phone…

Crow shooting with a Shotkam

Crow shooting with a Shotkam

Back in March I caught up with my good friend, Jack Depledge who is also a contributor of Sporting Gun, who writes about college life for young keepers. Jack and I have been pals for a number of years and I always like a catch up where possible – and what…

crow shooting

The right rifle for crow control

Crow shooting is no longer solely for shotgunners. Bruce Potts investigates the relative merits of centrefi res and rimfires for a safe and humane despatch

Rifle Scopes

Five rifle scopes for under £600

Every month there seems to be a new addition to the long line of optics available to the rifle shooter. Be it vermin, foxes, or deer, every aspect, style, model and technological gizmo for rifle scopes has made its way into gunshops to entice shooters. I love scopes — well, anything optical really, but…

Anschutz 1416

Anschutz 1416

Anschutz rifles are that bit more pricey than other rimfires. That’s because the quality of the barrel and triggers has always been superb and stem from a pure target pedigree, and that’s what you are buying. The Anschutz 1416 DG Classic, with a short barrel and a sound moderator and…

Browning Maxus

Browning Maxus

It seems unlikely we’ll ever see the day they become an acceptable sight on the peg, if Browning continues to create products like this one they may become a far more familiar sight for our other sporting activities. For a gamekeeper, especially those with a firearms licence, they are an extremely flexible…

fox in field

Keeping livestock safe

On a Friday in February, I waited at my burger van for Tony Jones to arrive from Yorkshire for what would hopefully be another enjoyable weekend of foxing. As usual, the weather was absolutely rotten: cold and raining, with high winds. I usually finish work at 1pm but, with the…

Crow decoys

How to use crow decoys for corvid control

The problem with decoys at the end of the season around these parts is finding somewhere to go. The crows haven’t been pressured into feeding anywhere in particular due to the mild wet winter.  Optimising chances Picking a location to shoot was a difficult decision as the estate has a lot…

shooting outbuildings

The advantages of reduced-load .22 rimfire ammunition

With cattle in the barns and grain stored over the winter months, it seems an endless task to keep hungry vermin species at bay. As soon as I have to battle against colder and wetter weather, most of my vermin control heads indoors — in and around the barns and outbuildings now…

Marocchi XTR

Marocchi XTR

It is odd how ideas and values influence fashion, or are influenced by fashion. Take the semi-automatic shotgun: not so long ago it was welcome in shooting company as a dog with mange. Even otherwise enthusiastic firearms historians were wont to look askance at the semi-auto or self-loading shotgun. Technically,…

mole trap

How to make a mole trap

How to make a mole trap Moles are certainly a pest and can cause a lot of damage. If you’ve been considering trapping some, remember that the most important thing to remember is that the trap must ensure that the creature has minimal suffering and dies swiftly and cleanly. In…

Webley and Scott

Webley & Scott .410 and 9mm Bolt-Action Shotguns

The turn-bolt would not seem to be the obvious sort of action on which to build a shotgun. It rings to mind something clumsy and awkward such as the Belgian conversions of old military rifles. It was, however, a choice of action sometimes favoured for budget shotguns built around the smaller vermin control cartridges. The most popular,…

Rabbit clay shooting

Tips for shooting vermin

Here we look at how a variety of vermin species can be simulated with clay targets. All you've got to do is practice hitting them!

Armed Guns SPE .410

Armed Guns SPE .410

You would be forgiven if, like me, you had never heard of Armed Guns, the Turkish manufacturer whose wares are the latest to reach the UK thanks to importer Edgar Brothers. Based in the city of Izmir on the western edge of Anatolia, Armed Guns produces a range of shotguns and air rifles for sporting uses, as well as…

Remington Fieldmaster Pump .22R

Remington Fieldmaster Pump .22LR

The Remington Fieldmaster dates back to 1954 and has been a successful series of pump-action rimfire rifles from Remington. It is relatively short at 40in long, and is nice and light at 5.75lb. However, it has the great ability to shoot not only .22LR (long rifle) cartridges but also .22 long and .22 short ammunition. This makes it…


Tawny makes her ferreting debut

When the time was right I decided to take Tawny to Norfolk for her first time ferreting. We went to Norfolk, because I wanted to see her work in the kind of environment that will become her bread and butter: long-nets, plenty of ferrets and deep, expansive warrens. Obedience wasn’t the only…

Bergara B14 rifle package

Bergara B14 rifle package

When I was tasked the with job of reviewing this rifle package, I knew that it was going to be as much of a fact-finding test as the rifle and sound moderator are new to me. Luckily, Kahles optics is a product that I have plenty of experience with. Kahles optics Many of you have heard…

Ruger .22LR American rifle

Ruger .22LR American rifle

Ruger has a knack of producing rifles that “real” shooters want, in an innovative way, at a good price. The rimfire market is swamped with bolt actions, pumps, semis and lever-action rifles, and you might think there is no space for another one, but Ruger has managed to fill a niche for a practical, accurate yet cheap rimfire alternative.…