building a pigeon hide

How to build a pigeon hide

Pigeon shooting: Is it okay to build a hide in the centre of a field or is it best to stick to the hedgerows and margins?

bale hide

How to set up a bale hide for pigeon shooting

Shooting over stubble probably offers the best opportunity to maximise your hide position. Bale hides are the ultimate pigeon shooting hide to shoot from and work over every stubble. In an ideal world I would shoot every stubble from a bale hide as I am right in the middle of…

Failed rape

Which crops should you shoot over for big bags in late spring?

For many a pigeon shooter, once the spring drillings have been completed and have started to germinate, and pigeon interest in them disappears, there often follows the slowest period of pigeon shooting. I am fond of this time of year, however, because it is now that, as a pigeon shooter,…

How to shoot more pigeon from a hide

How to shoot more pigeon from a hide

So many pigeon shooters forget to practise when they get the chance, only to suffer inconsistent results when they shoot from a hide. I find this lack of preparation confusing. Shooting pigeon can be expensive if you take into consideration the price of kit, cartridges and fuel for reconnaissance trips. I’m…

Sharing your hide

Peter Theobald reveals why two hides can be better than one and how to play nicely with others while sharing a hide

pigeon magnet

Setting up a pigeon magnet

Tom Payne has been using more pigeon magnets this year than in the previous six because they work so well. Learn how to set up a pigeon magnet to boost your bag

How to place rotary decoys

To spin or not to spin – that is the question. Of all the questions that I get asked when I run BASCs pigeon courses, the one that crops up most frequently is: “Do rotary decoys work any more, and if so, where should I place them in the pattern?”…

Pigeon shooting: Decoying over laid cereals

Pigeon shooting: Decoying over laid cereals: In the blink of an eye we’ve gone from looking forward to the spring drillings to being on the brink of pigeons turning their greedy beaks to laid cereals.