The equipment you’ll need for successful pigeon shooting

shooting pigeon tower

How to build a wooden tower for shooting pigeon – and why you should

Some of the most enjoyable afternoons’ sport shooting pigeon I have had has been from high towers. It brings an entirely different challenge. In the right conditions it can be fast and furious and it is great to be shooting among the treetops — it is the last place pigeon…

Pigeon Shooter's Diary

The Pigeon Shooter’s Diary by Tom Payne launches at Midland Game Fair

Regular readers of Tom Payne’s pigeon shooting articles in this magazine will no doubt be delighted to learn that the tips, hints, teaching and technical advice that Tom gives each month can now also be found in a new book, The Pigeon Shooter’s Diary, published later this month. Based on Tom’s writing for Shooting Times, it covers every aspect…

How to make a mirador

How to make a mirador

If you have been lucky enough to travel overseas to shoot driven wild boar, you may well have waited in what is known in Europe as a mirador, a tower with an open shooting platform that provides the shooter with a 360° field of fire. There is usually a bench seat, but…

a pigeon shooter

Cartridges for the pigeon shooter – what’s best for you and your gun ?

Even in these early years of the 21st century, price is still a factor among pigeon shooters, though now we have readily available dedicated pigeon cartridges, and all from reputable makers. Pigeon cartridges tend to be a more economic buy compared with game cartridges, not because they are in any way inferior…

Pigeon shooting

Guns for pigeon shooting for under £500

If you’re gameshooting then you’ve got to be aware of etiquette. You have to dress the right way and say the right things. And be a safe Shot of course. Pigeon shooting is different – although you obviously still need to be a safe Shot. What you wear is dependent…

pigeon magnet

Setting up a pigeon magnet

Tom Payne has been using more pigeon magnets this year than in the previous six because they work so well. Learn how to set up a pigeon magnet to boost your bag

pigeon hide seat

Can you recommend a good pigeon shooting seat?

Pigeon shooting: Can you recommend a commercially available seat that’s suitable for pigeon decoying? I’ve tried various tins and drums but found them awkward to carry and uncomfortable.

Are people using steel shot cartridges for pigeon shooting?

Pigeon shooting: In your opinion, are more pigeon shooters now using steel shot cartridges to keep costs down? The reason I ask is that nobody seems to be talking about the subject, yet clay shooters openly admit that they are using the stuff.

pigeon shooting cartridges

Pigeon shooting cartridges review

Pigeon shooting cartridges review: Charles of Just Cartridges zooms in on three new woodpigeon loads that deliver both great knock down power, and terrific value for money.