Browning shotgun

How a shotgun works

Lewis Potter looks at the inner workings of a shotgun to explain and illustrate how a shotgun works

shooting in field

How to be a better Shot

It’s amazing how quickly the season comes around. Now is the perfect time to get yourself properly prepared for the forthcoming season. The worst thing you can do is to leave it to the last minute, and it is remarkable how many people do just that. In this piece I…

How to make a complaint about a game shoot

How to make a complaint about a shoot

Our sport is possibly one of the most evocative of any pastime, and good memories from the season linger throughout the summer, sometimes enduring for years when a chance reminder brings the moment back to life again. On the whole, we are very positive about our sport, and the casual,…

how to choose camouflage

How to choose the right camouflage

By Jon Snowdon Guests preparing to visit Greenlee for deer stalking often ask what they should bring with regards to equipment, especially clothing. They query if it is acceptable to wear camouflage – to which the answer is yes, of course. We do, however, stalk over some ground where those…

A guide to simulated game shooting in the UK

Looking to get your eye-in out in a realistic environment? E.J. Churchill, Bob Valentine, Roxtons, Rue Valley, West London and Raisthorpe all offer cracking simulated game shooting days.