secondhand webley patriot

Second-hand Webley Patriot

All you need to know about a secondhand Webley Patriot, including how this high-powered air rifle with impressive pellet strike shaped shooting

Gun you shouldn't have sold

The gun you shouldn’t have sold

Most of us, I’m sure, will have experienced that sinking feeling at some time or other — the one when we realise that we should never have sold that gun. A rifle or shotgun is rarely just a tool — it becomes a treasured possession. But, for whatever reason, be it monetary necessity or the lure of a…

Secondhand sporters

Three top secondhand Sporters

Here’s Mike’s selection of secondhand Sporters that offer great value for money. Baikal O/U Located 600 miles east of Moscow, Izhevsk’s main factory produces pistols and rifles, several variations on the AK assault rifle theme, air guns – and the Baikal shotgun. The Baikal dates to the Cold War, and was once humorously said to be…

Tighter shots groupings

Rifle Skills: Tighter shot groupings

If you’ve been following the series and trying the techniques we’ve described, you should by now have some shots in your targets. We’ve gone through setting up your rifle for success, zeroing and finding the right ammunition, and the various ways in which you can improve your shooting skills. So…

old ammunition

Rabbit shooting with classic rifles

An early morning start, with a light breeze, is an idyllic start to any day’s stalk. But on this occasion it was not an eligible roebuck that I had in mind; it was a humble rabbit. I love rabbit shooting. It was the way I learned to shoot on my uncle’s…

deer stalking

Which is the best stalking rifle on the market?

Stalking rifle: Sako, Ruger, Anderson Wheeler, Browning, Hollands, Westley Richards, Sauer, Remmington, Rigby, Blaser and more are all here. What is your favourite stalking rifle manufacturer?

good rifle shooting

Rifle skills: Seven elements to a good firing position

We will cover the seven elements to a good firing position for the prone position, but they should also be part of your approach for good rifle shooting when taking a shot from sitting, kneeling or standing — we’ll look at the variations within each of the elements in those…

.17 hmr bolt-action rifle

Which is the best.17 HMR bolt-action rifle?

This review pits the Sako Quad Synthetic, CZ Synthetic Silhouette, Browing T-Bolt Synthetic and Anschutz 1517 Thumbhole against each other to find the best .17 HRM bolt-action rifle

Rising Bite rifle

Rising Bite double rifles pass London Proof House tests

Rising Bite double rifles are now being manufactured in .470 and .500 nitro calibres. Retailing at £95,000, the rifles take between two and three years to build and the first Rising Bite double rifle is due to be finished in time for Safari Club 2016, the annual hunting convention in…

.22 centrefire

Which .22 centrefire is best?

The question of which is the best .22 centrefire often comes up often, but one can only really reply with another question: best for what? The main considerations are whether you want to be able to shoot small deer as well as foxes and other similar-sized animals or whether the…

tikka m65a

Second-hand Tikka M65A

The ultra-smooth bolt action and accuracy of the Tikka M65A belies its potential as a sniper rifle

Purdey bicentenary trio

Purdey Bicentenary Trio

James Purdey & Sons, the Royal Gun and Rifle Makers, has announced it will be producing a commemorative trio of guns to celebrate 200 years in 2014.

rabbit shooting

Reaping a rabbit harvest

With the combines and the crops gone, now’s the time to grab your airgun, explains Mat Manning.

Bullet placement

Bullet placement when deer stalking

Stalking trends come and go. From calibres to optics, all have their time. Fashion also influences the shots we take, and currently the head or high neck shot seems to be in vogue. Of all the decisions a stalker makes, bullet placement is surely one of the most critical. Not…

What is the best roe rifle?

As the roebuck season is underway, George Wallace considers his favourite short-barelled roe rifles for off-hand woodland shooting

Browning T-Bolt rifle

Browning T-Bolt rifle

George Wallace, firearms advisor to the NGO, looks at Browning's new T-bolt rifle and likes what he sees