Tikka T1x UPR .22LR

Tikka T1x UPR .22 LR

Since its introduction three years ago, the rimfire version of Tikka’s centrefire T3x, the T1x, has been a huge success. This is partly due to the price point but more importantly due to its consistent accuracy and dependability. Now the T1x has undergone a makeover with the Tikka T1x UPR…

Rifle of the year

Rifle of the year – CZ 457 

Rifle of the year – CZ 457  CZ have always and continue to offer just what real shooters want, the new CZ 457 series of .22 rimfire rifles continues the lineage of their classic mini bolt action design to new levels of excellence. The new range of 457 rimfires still incorporate…

Savage A22 Pro Varmint

The Savage A22 Pro Varmint

Our Verdict The Savage A22 Pro Varmint semi-automatic rimfire rifle is Savage Arms’ answer to the Ruger 10/22, which has long dominated this area of the market. The A22 is available in many guises but here we have the Pro Varmint stock version, giving a distinct heavy varmint profile. Like…

Sako Finnfire

The Sako Finnfire – worth every penny

Sako decided in the 1990s that it was time to replace the Finnscout, a popular .22 rimfire that dated back to 1972. The new rifle was deliberately fashioned as a miniature version of Sako’s full-bore rifles but it differed radically from the Finnscout. Design apart, some metal assemblies, including trigger-guards…

Anschütz Model 1761 .22 rimfire

Anschütz Model 1761 .22 rimfire

Our verdict on the Anschütz Model 1761 .22 rimfire The 1761 is designed for 
work. Its Sporter styling 
and compact credentials suggest its work is primarily vermin, but its match target rifle pedigree also shines through. Styling-wise, Anschütz has opted 
for function over aesthetics for the Anschütz Model 1761 .22…

Wiehrauch HW66 rimfire

Wiehrauch HW66 rimfire rifle

Any airgunner will recognise the name of Wiehrauch, a German company with a deserved reputation for producing a wide range of well-made and accurate air rifles and pistols. Catering for disciplines ranging from serious competition to fun plinking, it has been dominating the market for years. The company’s fortunes have…

FAC Airwolf

Here’s why you should consider getting an FAC air rifle

A firearms certificate air rifle – known as an FAC air rifle – is over 12 ftlb in power meaning that the owner needs to have a Firearms Certificate to own one. If you’re already a conventional air rifle user and considering upgrading to something bigger you might be wondering…

CZ 457 Royal .17 HMR

CZ 457 Royal .17 HMR

The CZ range of rimfire and centrefire rifles has served the UK sporting fraternity very well for decades now, and still provides exceptionally reassuring quality at a fair price. The original Model 1 .22 LR rimfire rifle has been modified over the years and reached its zenith with the 455.…

Anschutz 1761

Three of the best new rimfires

During the past 18 months, three completely new rifles with action designs set to reinvigorate the rimfire market have been launched. Each is available in .22 RF and .17 HMR to suit the needs of users with an ascending desire from workmanlike utility to deluxe pride of ownership. Choosing the…

CZ 455 American STS .22LR

CZ 455 American STS .22 LR

Think of .22 rimfires and instantly you think of the 
CZ .22 LR bolt-action rifle. This rimfire has been offered in many guises over the years to satisfy shooters who want wooden, synthetic Sporter or thumbhole stocks. Blued and nickel finishes were also available, as well as a barrel change…

rimfire rifle selection

Four of the most popular rimfire rifles – taking a closer look

There is a distinct range of rimfire rifles available on the market for anyone looking to buy today. When somebody comes into the shop asking about rimfires I ask them two questions. Firstly, what will be the rifle be primarily used for and secondly, how much do they want to…

man shooting .17HMR

Is this new rimfire cartridge any good?

A: Yes, this new cartridge looks to be very interesting to anyone who likes small calibres. It is a rival to the .17 HMR cartridge, which is also a rimfire, but the WSM or Winchester Super Magnum is a more powerful round. Its brass case is roughly 50 per cent thicker than the .17 HMR The .17 WSM…