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HRH Prince of Wales

RSPCA “at risk” of losing Royal support

The RSPCA is in danger of losing the support of the Royal Family due to its continued political campaigning, it has been claimed. A source told the Daily Telegraph last month that HRH the Prince of Wales has “fundamental disagreements” over many of the RSPCA’s key policies and has “privately voiced concerns” about…

black dog

RSPCA may lose “credibility” after activists join council

The RSPCA is at risk of losing its credibility following the election of two radical activists to its ruling council and by putting political campaigns ahead of animal welfare, say MPs. The Mail on Sunday reports that MPs are concerned the charity is growing far removed from its traditional role…

RSPCA drops its final hunting case

The RSPCA has dropped its last outstanding prosecution under the 2004 Hunting Act because of a lack of evidence. The charity had brought a case against Will Bryer, master and huntsman of Dorset’s Cattistock Hunt, alleging that he had been illegally hunting a fox with dogs in 2014. Mr Bryer…


RSPCA may stop hunt prosecutions

The RSPCA is considering a change in the way they pursue hunt prosecutions. Ray Goodfellow, chief legal officer, told the Sunday Times: “We are upholding the Hunting Act, the law of the land. But others want to repeal it and we have been caught up in their political campaign. “This…


RSPCA trustee candidate compared farming to holocaust

A candidate who was standing for election to join the RPSCA’s national council likened farming to the holocaust. Speaking to the Times, Peta Watson-Smith said: “I don’t think people always appreciate what is the holocaust going on behind closed doors. You talk about the Jews. This probably sounds like animal…

Sharpshooter: The RSPCA

The RSPCA's request for confidential cull worker details exposes its weaknesses

Viewpoint: Charities

Alasdair Mitchell on why he thinks The Charity Commission should call certain uncharitable charities to order

RSPCA drops case

Charges are dropped against a Ledbury huntsman by RSPCA

Reaction to new buzzard licence

Wildlife organisations demand that no further licences for the destruction of buzzards or their nests are issued