airgunning in the cold

Airgunning in the cold

A lot of airgunners are fair-weather shooters; they take to the fields and the woods when the temperature is warm and the days are long, then pack their rifles away as soon as the chill of autumn sets in. As lovely as it is to enjoy our sport when the…

High Seat

How to use a high seat for deer culling

There are plenty of stalkers who poo-poo the notion of using a high seat: “That’s not stalking,” they say, “you’re not using any fieldcraft.” They do have a point. However, high seats can be one of the most useful tools in culling deer. They give you the chance to observe what is on a patch of ground,…

woman shooting

10 top tips for women shooters

1. Join a club The shooting community is a warm one and there are new clubs springing up all over the country for ladies. The Shotgun and Chelsea Bun Club is one of the foremost. Founded and run by Victoria Knowles-Lacks, it prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming. Brilliant baking…

Pardon? Why shooters should ALWAYS wear ear protection

One of the safety rules of shooting should certainly be that the shooter wears efficient ear protection at all times. Take a cavalier attitude to protecting your hearing and you risk profound deafness and the lifelong misery of tinnitus with all the discomfort, annoyance, dizziness and disorientation that comes with…

How to be a better game shot

Top five ways to be a better game shot

So far this season I have shot on a number of days at home and abroad and, working as a shooting instructor, helped some very interesting people with some very intriguing shooting problems. I have had a couple of excellent outings and one that I would much rather forget –…

Why unannounced police visits are wrong

As new Home Office guidance sanctions evidence-led unnanounced police visits, David Frost explores the contradictions of this punitive campaign

dog fight spaniels

How to stop a dog fight

Three Shooting Times gundog experts consider the best way to stop a dog fight – and how to prevent it in the first place

shooting in fog

A guide to shooting in bad weather

Richard Brigham's beginner's guide to shooting in bad weather explains how our varied climate can make or break a shooter's day

Bullet placement

Bullet placement when deer stalking

Stalking trends come and go. From calibres to optics, all have their time. Fashion also influences the shots we take, and currently the head or high neck shot seems to be in vogue. Of all the decisions a stalker makes, bullet placement is surely one of the most critical. Not…

10 tips for gun safety

Tips on how to handle a gun safely and an introduction explaining why gun safety is so important

Shooting safety tips YOU need to know!

Shooting safety taught on the clay ground carries seamlessly onto the peg. In my opinion a lot has changed over the last few years.