Focus, aimpoint, shoot

Optics on the market today are complex both in construction and use. One sight, however, is proud of its simplicity on both fronts: Aimpoint. These small, robust optics are an increasingly common sight on our gunshop shelves. The company is still family owned, and the original Aimpoint sight was invented in 1975…

Rifle Scopes

Five rifle scopes for under £600

Every month there seems to be a new addition to the long line of optics available to the rifle shooter. Be it vermin, foxes, or deer, every aspect, style, model and technological gizmo for rifle scopes has made its way into gunshops to entice shooters. I love scopes — well, anything optical really, but…

deer stalking rifle

What sort of deer stalking rifle should I buy?

Our expert at Sporting Gun advises: A: Well, your budget is decent. That’s good news because a suitable rifle with quality optics is usually about £1,500 for each piece of kit to ensure you get a sound combination. So with this budget you’ve got some money left over to spend…

airgun bill

8 airgun questions we’re often asked

1. Which pellet is best for my air rifle?  It all depends on whether your air rifle is spring powered, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) or powered by carbon dioxide. Discover what our expert advised. 2. Which are the best air rifles for shooting rabbits? Wondering what the ideal air rifle calibre is for…

old ammunition

Rabbit shooting with classic rifles

An early morning start, with a light breeze, is an idyllic start to any day’s stalk. But on this occasion it was not an eligible roebuck that I had in mind; it was a humble rabbit. I love rabbit shooting. It was the way I learned to shoot on my uncle’s…

Bore sighting

Rifle technique: bore-sighting and zeroing

Bore-sighting To capitalise on your rifle technique, you’ll want the rifle to be as steady as possible, so this is best done from the prone position or from a bench. Use rests or rice bags to adjust the rifle’s position so that there is as little movement as possible —…

grey squirrel

Airguns and summer squirrel shooting

Squirrel control using an air rifle can be a real bind during the summer months. Dense foliage can make it virtually impossible to spot your quarry in the treetops, and the abundance of natural food means it’s difficult to pinpoint them to any specific area. It was so much easier…

rifle shooting

What you need to know about focal planes

One aspect of rifle scopes that is frequently misunderstood is the difference between a first and second focal plane scope. In the simplest terms, the difference between the two is where the reticule is positioned within the scope — which affects the image you see at differing magnifications. First focal…

scopes for air rifle

How much are scopes for air rifles if I get one fitted?

Air rifles: I have an old Original Mod 35 air rifle and I would like to fit a scope to it. It already has a rail fitted, and I am wondering what is the best type of scope to fit, and how much can I expect to pay?

scopes for air rifle

Are spare parts still available for my BSA Standard air rifle?

I own an old BSA Standard air rifle in .22 calibre which has been in fairly regular use since the 1950s. I need to fit new springs and washers and I was thinking of fitting a telescopic sight because I find it not to be as accurate as it once

Nightime shooting demonstrations to be held

Nite Site and the Sportsman Gun Centre Newport will be hosting a shooting event at the Severn Side Ranges, Caldicott on Wednesday 18th January, where shooters can test the latest advancement in night vision technology with a selection of air guns.