Rangefinding binoculars

The best rangefinding binoculars put through their paces

Rangefinding binoculars are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, which is likely a direct result of their widespread use in the US. Across the pond, where big men drive big trucks, rangefinding optics have long been established as an essential item. The landscapes people hunt in, over there, are vast…

Zeiss Conquest V4 Rifle Scope

The perfect airgun optic? 23 facts about the new ZEISS Conquest V4 scopes

Why the ZEISS Conquest V4 scopes will impress airgunners Parallaxes down to 10 yards Covers every airgunning discipline Conquest V4 scope range available in 4-16×44, 4-16×50 and 6-24×50 formats Multiple reticle configurations from conventional crosshair to tree-shaped setups Sophisticated aim-point layouts ensure precise pellet placement over varying ranges and in…

Thermal imaging for airgunners

Thermal imaging for airgunners – testing out some options

It wasn’t long ago that basic infrared night-vision optics were regarded as being too expensive, too complicated and too bulky to be a worthwhile proposition for airgun shooters. Just a few years later and thermal imaging for airgunners has become standard equipment for anyone who carries out regular after-dark pest…

grey squirrel

Airguns and summer squirrel shooting

Come the summer months when the trees are in leaf you’re likely to find squirrel shooting with an air rifle rather trickier than in winter on bare branches. The dense foliage covering the tree canopy can make greys almost invisible. So what’s to be done about it? How can you…

ZEISS V8 range

Looking at the versatile ZEISS Victory V8 range

The Zeiss V8 range sports four models that utilise, as the name suggests, a power range of eight magnification, that is to say, 1.1-8x30mm, 1.8-14x50mm, 2.8-20x56mm or on test is their 4.8-35x60mm V8 model. A premium scope designed to be as capable in woodland at close range as it is reaching…

shooting rats with thermal imaging scopes

Outwitting rats with scopes

Brown rats are prolific and resilient opportunists. This is in no small way due to their intelligence. Rat brains are remarkably similar to humans’ in both structure and function. They learn through observation, response to stimulus and have a high-functioning memory. This means that while a few sessions of lamping,…

Optics Product of the year – over £1,000 – Nightforce NX8 Rifle Scope 

Optics product of the year – over £1,000 – Nightforce NX8 Rifle Scope  The NX8 scope family evolved from the NXS series and has proven to be a market-leading product in many ways. The variety of this series will cater for all stalking enthusiasts whether you are spotting muntjac in…

Hawke Sidewinder Scope

Optics Product of the year – under £1,000 – Hawke Sidewinder Rifle scope

Optics product of the year – under £1,000 – Hawke Sidewinder Rifle scope Created with almost every conceivable option, the Sidewinder is seen as a multi-discipline optic with a wide range of uses. Be it winning target competitions on the world stage, or wandering through the woods on a stalk,…

Night vision product of the year – Pard NV008P Night Vision Rifle scope

Night vision product of the year – Pard NV008P Night Vision Rifle scope The Pard NV008P Night Vision Unit sets a new benchmark amongst dedicated night vision scopes, with 1080P colour for daytime use and 1080P night time viewing, mp4 video recording and fast change battery power and compact powerful…

Pulsar Krypton XG50 thermal-imaging unit

The Pulsar Krypton XG50 thermal-imaging unit

The Krypton XG50 looks almost identical to the popular front-mounted F155 and the later F455 night-vision models, and the button layout and functions are practically the same. The Krypton, however, is purely a thermal unit, working solely on the heat source given off by your quarry. It comes supplied with…

night-vision equipment

The latest night vision equipment reviewed

We asked two of our contributors to take the latest night vision equipment out into the field. Here’s what they thought. The Pulsar Digex N450 digital night vision riflescope – Mark Ripley The Digex scope is the latest night vision equipment riflescope from Pulsar. The main body looks almost identical…

zeroing a rifle

How to zero your own rifle

How to zero your own rifle: Set up your rifle on a proper bench rest, making sure it is stable and secure so it will not move.

first focal plane

What you need to know about focal planes

Many rifle shooters don’t really understand the difference between focal planes and it’s an aspect of rifle scopes that is often confusing to many. Basically, the difference between a first and second focal plane scope is where the reticule is positioned within the rifle scope. This affects the image seen…

Hawke laser rangefinders for shooting

Here’s what you need to know about laser rangefinders for shooting

People who hunt with air rifles often seem to talk about carrying laser rangefinders for shooting . Are they really an essential item of kit? Are laser rangefinders for shooting air rifles necessary? Matt Manning replies:  Laser rangefinders are not essential kitbag items for air rifle hunting, but they play…

airgun laws

Air rifle questions we’re often asked

  Q: Do I need a licence for an air rifle?  If you live in England or Wales and have an air rifle with a muzzle energy level of 12 ft lb or less or an air pistol with a muzzle energy of 6 ft lb or less you don’t…

rifle velocity

Does cold weather affect rifle velocity?

If I use a variable magnification scope zeroed on the highest setting and in good light, would the point of impact change when the scope is turned down for a poor light situation? This is assuming both targets are at the same distance.

using thermal imagers ethically 

Why thermal-imaging binoculars will change stalking forever

From time to time in the stalking world there comes along some advance or technical development that is a game changer. Usually it is roundly disapproved of until it becomes clear that it brings real advantage to the stalker, at which point everybody starts using it. When rifle scopes started…

night vision versus the lamp

Night vision versus the lamp

With nightvision shooting equipment becoming ever more popular, Ian Valentine asks the experts to weigh the latest green-tinted scopes against more traditional plug-in lamps