Lanber Sporter

Three good value over-and-under Sporters to buy secondhand

Lanber Sporter – target price £500 All guns eventually go out of production, but the saddest loss of recent years has been the Spanish-built Lanber. The basic design goes back to the early 1970s and the gun had been for sale in small numbers in the UK, but it wasn’t until…

tikka m65a

Second-hand Tikka M65A

The ultra-smooth bolt action and accuracy of the Tikka M65A belies its potential as a sniper rifle

Browning Grand Prix Sporter

Second-hand Browning Grand Prix Sporter

A second-hand Browning Grand Prix Sporter is basically a B525. It's an ideal Sporter and not too heavy for the occasional day’s field shooting

Which shotgun should I buy to start game shooting?

Bill Harriman If your main shooting will be game shooting then an over-under is the best choice. I would avoid one with interchangeable chokes, as most of us do not shoot well enough to gain any significant benefit from them. A single trigger and selective safety catch are both useful…

Second-hand rifle buying guide

Second-hand rifle buying guide: If you’re after a used rifle, Bruce Potts’ checklist will put you, not the salesman, in the driving seat.

Secondhand Miroku MK60 review

Secondhand Miroku MK60 review: There’s always a temptation to say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." In other words, if something works really well, then don’t "improve" it by making design changes.

Which rifle is best? The CZ 455, an Anschutz or a Sako Quad?

Which rifle is best? I am considering purchasing either a CZ 455 16in barrel rifle, an Anschutz 18in barrel rifle or a Sako Quad, but I would appreciate some guidance. The new CZ 455 is said to have some bullet feed problems. Also, is this rifle’s quality compromised by its…

Secondhand B. Rizzini shotgun

Gun reviews: Secondhand B. Rizzini shotgun

Gun reviews: Secondhand B. Rizzini shotgun: Around 25 years ago, if you wanted an entry-level shotgun and had set your sights slightly higher than a Baikal, you might have chosen an E. Rizzini.

Secondhand Krieghoff shotgun

Secondhand Krieghoff shotgun review

Gun reviews: Secondhand Krieghoff shotguns The German gunmaking firm of Krieghoff was founded in the town of Suhl in 1886, but it wasn’t until post World War II years that it became well known in Britain.

Secondhand Beretta SO shotgun

Secondhand Beretta SO shotgun review

Secondhand Beretta SO shotgun review: Tullio Marengoni must be the most famous gun designer that the majority of British shotgun shooters have never heard of.

Secondhand Miroku MK70 shotgun

Second-hand Miroku MK70 shotgun review

Around 50 years ago, so rumour has it, Miroku of Japan were building such good guns based on Browning-type actions that Browning turned to them to build their mass-market guns.