Perazzi HPX RSR Ultimate

Perazzi HPX RSR Ultimate

As I stated in my review of the MX8 (June 2013), there really is no better way of entering into the world of bespoke guns than with a Perazzi. These guns are astonishingly successful on the clay circuit and with good reason – they are good looking and shoot like a dream. In fact, the MX8 is easily…

Drumlanrig partridge shoot

Drumlanrig: Partridge shooting in Dumfriesshire

It’s hard to know exactly what the grandees of shooting in the late Victorian and Edwardian era would make of the Whirlpool drive at Drumlanrig, or the Bothy for that matter. At the Whirlwind the guns are warned beforehand by unflappable Drumlanrig shoot host John Duncan and irrepressible headkeeper Rab…

Shooting insurance cover

Shooting insurance: what are your options?

Game shots have a unique relationship with the weather. While others cower inside, a line of guns will happily stand in the pouring rain, the familiar smell of damp tweed curling into their nostrils as they wait for the birds to fly over. Yet fortitude is not always enough, and…

deer stalking

Which is the best stalking rifle on the market?

Stalking rifle: Sako, Ruger, Anderson Wheeler, Browning, Hollands, Westley Richards, Sauer, Remmington, Rigby, Blaser and more are all here. What is your favourite stalking rifle manufacturer?

Grinkle Park

Grinkle Park, pheasant shooting from North Yorkshire

Set some 14 miles from the coastal town of Whitby, Grinkle Park is billed as one of North Yorkshire’s premier shooting destinations and rumoured to be the only commercial shooting estate with an integrated hotel in the country. The estate, which pre-dates the Industrial Revolution, is the former home of…

Nick Holt - Holt Auctioneers

How to sell a shotgun through Holt’s Auctioneers

Nick Holt has never been in a house more insane than this one at Aynhoe Park in his life, or if he has, he isn’t going to tell me about it. I’m watching the 50-year-old auctioneer as he perches on a red leather chair bearing the Royal Cypher of Queen…

How to make a complaint about a game shoot

How to make a complaint about a shoot

Our sport is possibly one of the most evocative of any pastime, and good memories from the season linger throughout the summer, sometimes enduring for years when a chance reminder brings the moment back to life again. On the whole, we are very positive about our sport, and the casual,…

Edward Watson

Best shooting instructors in the UK

Whether based at West London Shooting School, E.J. Churchill, Royal Berkshire Shooting Ground or Barbury Shooting School, the UK is home to some of the world’s best shooting instructors. Many of the top 10 shooting instructors listed below have been at the top of their game for almost as long…

Beretta 486 Parallelo review

Beretta 486 Parallelo shotgun reviewed by Shooting Gazette

Apparently, it’s amazing what a difference a couple of inches can make. In the case of the Beretta 486 Parallelo – Beretta’s only side-by-side shotgun – a set of 30” barrels transforms this gun from a bit of a curate’s egg into a serious contender for a spot in anyone’s…