disciplining dogs

Should you ever smack a gundog?

Gun dog discipline: A light tap on the nose as a warning for one gun dog owner may seem tantamount to cruelty to another. Justin Clarke examines how to make the punishment fit the crime.

Damascus steel barrels

12 bore vs 16 bore – the great debate

Which would be your choice in the 12-bore vs 16 bore conversation? Ask some people why they use a 16-bore and they say they “stumbled across one by chance” but now wouldn’t use anything else. Here’s what our debates think … 16-bores are for rural hipsters says Ben Samuelson A…

lead shotgun cartridges

We need to talk about lead shot

Calls for game shooting to push ahead with finding alternatives to lead shot are growing louder, both inside and outside of the sport. 
Rob Yorke offers a personal view on the subject. How lead shot became popular One hundred and fifty years ago, wild meat was harvested, without the use…

Beretta SL3

Beretta SL3 reviewed by Shooting Gazette magazine

A brand new model from the Beretta dynasty is not something that comes along every day. I first laid eyes on the Beretta SL3 when it was launched with much fanfare at IWA last year. Since then, I’ve been keen to have a closer look and put the gun through…

Browning Heritage Hunter

Browning Heritage Hunter

There are clients at the shooting school who will only shoot a 20-bore on all their game days, and other clients that switch between 12-bore and 20-bore. Then there are those moving to a lighter gun, as 12-bores become a little heavy in later years, or youngsters being bought their…

Perugini & Visini HVR

Perugini & Visini HVR

The Perugini & Visini shotgun we’re examining this month is a custom version, the brainchild of John Jeffries. John has been involved with shotgun customising for more than 50 years and looks to improve the performance and handling of existing products, matching these improvements with a bespoke fitting service. John…

Chapuis C40 12 bore

Chapuis C40 12 bore reviewed by Shooting Gazette

Prior to picking up the Chapuis C40 for this month’s review the only other French shotgun I had shot before was a Darne made in the same region of France as the Chapuis but with a unique sliding breech action. So on opening the travel case I was quite relieved…

National Park

How to deal with redundancy when a shoot closes

If there is anything more upsetting and unsettling than impending redundancy, I have yet to hear of it. And for gamekeepers who have been given notice of a shoot closure or impending redundancy, there is the added body blow of having to find not only another job, but also in…

William Powell Perdix

William Powell Perdix

The William Powell Perdix is not just a partridge gun, more a gun for all seasons that performed very well on test

Game Fair ticket offers

The Game Fair ticket offers for our readers

To celebrate the 60th anniversary year of the Game Fair, we are offering our readers a special discount on advance tickets to The Game Fair. For it’s Diamond Anniversary The Game Fair is being held at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire from  27-29 July. Game Fair ticket offers Shooting Times, Shooting…

AYA English Game Round Body 20-bore

AYA English Game Round Body 20-bore

This version of the AYA is designed to replicate the very best English Game guns of the inter war years, with lighter barrels and fast handling. They are available as single guns and matched pairs and can be ordered in 12, 16, 20 and 28 bore. The guns come in…

What did we learn from Langholm?

What did we learn from Langholm?

(More background on Rob Yorke here). There is a chunk of moorland in Scotland that has been subject to a 24-year project involving upland land uses, habitat, nature conservation designations, biodiversity, fieldsports and rural economics. It all started with the Joint Raptor Study (JRS), funded by major conservation organisations, on…

Zoli Pernice

Zoli Pernice 20 bore

The Zoli Pernice 20 bore will make an inarguable case for the heart as well as the head, combining great handling with eye-catching looks. That’s what I believe Zoli hopes. Excellent flowing lines It certainly is a pretty thing to behold, thanks to a lovely round body and excellent flowing…

Handicap Challenge 2018

Are you ready to enter The Handicap Challenge 2018?

We are excited to announce that with our kind sponsors, Sunseeker London, we will be offering a fantastic prize of £500 in cash for each magazine’s Top Gun for the Royal Berkshire Shooting School’s Handicap Challenge 2018. Participants can shoot the Handicap Challenge course at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School…

Browning B725 Hunter UK Black Gold II

Browning B725 Hunter UK Black Gold II reviewed by Shooting Gazette

With a long history of slow change in its guns, it should come as little surprise that this latest model from Browning – Browning B725 Hunter UK Black Gold II – offers only small tweaks to an existing pattern. Fortunately, the B725 is a very successful pattern for this famed…

Krieghoff K-20 Parcours

Krieghoff K-20 Parcours

Superb guns for taking on clays Krieghoff is perhaps not a name well-known to many of our readers, with a lineage far more closely related to hunting rifles and shotguns built for competition. Founded as Sempert & Krieghoff, the firm has been building hunting guns at its home on the…

struggles with recoil

Struggling with recoil using a 12-bore?

Q:  I’ve started struggling with recoil using a 12-bore: what can I do to reduce it? Is it time to change to a 16-bore? It’s really strange as my 12-bore fits me well. A: I come across many people who suffer with this and usually it’s a combination of factors…

Range Rover Velar

The new Range Rover Velar reviewed

Were you horrified when Land Rover announced that they were stopping making the Defender? Do you miss being able to buy a nice understated Range Rover with small wheels and teddy bear seats? Does the idea that Land Rover’s chief designer Gerry McGovern has his own range of swimming trunks…

High bird

Should I try and hit a high bird?

A:  This is a great question as when high bird shooting there is an optimum point at which to shoot the bird, one I often refer to in my lessons as the most vulnerable point. This is when the bird is at its closest but also at a stage in…