Shooting in SomersetLush green pastures and the challenges of Exmoor. Somerset certainly offers variety.

Coombe Sydenham Shoot

15 of the best pheasant shoots in the UK that will be open next season

We’ve searched out a number of the best pheasant shoots around that will welcome shooters from October, with social distancing measures in place. Tregoyd, Powys If you like the challenge of tricky birds on a variety of terrain then this shoot is one you should visit. Situated to the south…

pheasants in Land Rover

Learning to shoot and cook game in Somerset

My experience of clay pigeon shooting has largely been limited to team-building days. And I found them immensely frustrating. For whilst some of my colleagues picked up their shotguns and were away, hitting clays with just about every shot, I was a complete amateur and a quick 10 minute lesson…

Gameshooting in the UK guide

Gameshooting in the UK – a guide

Find game shooting in the UK! This guide is here to help you find available game shooting around the country. Counties listed alphabetically.

Batcombe shoot

Batcombe shoot, pheasant and partridge shooting in Somerset

In the modern framework of driven game shooting there are a number of ways to run a shoot. There are the larger commercial affairs, which cater for teams of paying guns and can lay on anything up to 100 days a season. These shoots will typically put on 250-300 bird…

Knoll Shoot Somerset

The Knoll Shoot, Somerset

Take a peaceful part of the Somerset countryside, add a dedicated team and a generous dollop of showcase drives for those with tight chokes and the ability to match. The result is the perfect recipe for the ultimate day’s shooting. The first frost of the year greeted me as I…

The Shellard Shoot

Driven shooting in Somerset with a team of lady guns

Chinese water deer doe

Where can I stalk Chinese Water Deer?

Do you think there is any chance that the UK’s Chinese Water Deer population might eventually spread to parts of the Midlands?

Shooting in Somerset

The Manor Shoot

In Somerset's combes and gulleys a syndicate has discovered how to get more enjoyment from its shooting for less effort