best shooting socks

Best shooting socks – our top picks for comfort and performance

Look around the field on a driven shooting day and you’ll see that many Guns have made the most of the opportunity to cut a dash and wear the best shooting socks they can lay their hands on. (If you’re new to shooting, here’s some useful advice on what to…

tweed shooting coats

What to wear shooting

We advise you on what to wear shooting, whether at the clay ground or in the field

hunting socks

Best shooting socks

Today’s modern stalking and shooting socks are very different from what hunters wore in years gone by. New performance textiles, combined with traditional materials like Merino wool, keep the feet warm and dry, wick away moisture and sweat, repel odour and stop boots chafing when you’re after your quarry in…

midge proof clothing

How to stop midges spoiling your season

When the dark cloud descends, it’s not usually a rain cloud that ruins your day of shooting, but a swarm of midges biting your exposed flesh. We have rounded up the best midge proof clothing to keep the bugs at bay and to ensure your day in the countryside isn’t…