smoked mackerel recipe

A recipe for freshly-caught home-smoked mackerel

Smoked mackerel recipe Wild food is wild food and you don’t get much wilder than a summer mackerel straight off the hook. Mackerel is an oily fish and its quality can deteriorate pretty quickly. I like to eat them on the day or put them straight on ice to be…

how to call a fox

Useful foxing equipment

When it comes to useful foxing equipment , there’s so much conflicting advice around that I thought it would make sense to look at what’s actually used out in the field. In this enterprise I have chosen to focus on four experienced fox shooters, including me, Paul, my usual shooting…

Sasta Mehto Pro 2.0 Shooting Jacket

10 of the best – guns, clothes, ammo and kit for shooters

We’ve reviewed guns, clothes, accessories and ammunition to give shooters the most informed choice when they’re looking to buy kit. So here’s a guide to our best lists for shooters, so that you can browse through the best guns for clayshooting, the best breeks for shooting, the best airguns for…

zeroing a rifle

How to zero your own rifle

How to zero your own rifle: Set up your rifle on a proper bench rest, making sure it is stable and secure so it will not move.

Duck calls on foreshore

Four of the best duck calls

I don’t often leave the house during the wildfowling season without my trusty duck calls around my neck. I am a great believer in the use of calls on the foreshore, and I am convinced that they often enhance my sport, thus producing more food for the table. I carry…

best rifle scopes

Five of the best rifle scopes

Bruce Potts rounds up the five best rifle scopes on the market at the moment ranging from a budget friendly £549.99 to a more high end price at £2,740. Kahles Helia 5 2.4-12x56mm Kahles, established in 1898, is the oldest scope manufacturer in the world. Its new range carries the…

.17HMR moderators

Ten of the best .17HMR moderators

Silence is golden where pest control is concerned, so after testing full-bore and .22 rimfire moderators Bruce Potts turns his attention to the increasingly popular .17HMR calibre