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Need some expert advice on choosing and using shotgun cartridges? The team at ShootingUK will keep you informed with reports and reviews on the different loads available.

Whether you’re shooting game or clays, our editors have it covered.

shotgun cartridge history

The evolution of the shotgun cartridge

I am going to concentrate on shotgun cartridge history and how it got to be what it is today — the cheap, waterproof, reliable, effective, safe and consistent item on which we all rely to deliver success, whatever target we engage. After all, a gun, however expensive and sophisticated, is only…

best cartridge for a shotgun

How to choose the best cartridge for your gun and your type of shooting

Which shooting cartridge you should use depends on a number of factors, but what gun you have and what you are going to shoot are the primary ones. Know your chamber size Cartridges come in different sizes, not only calibre. Having the right calibre should be obvious, but having the…

how many shotgun cartridges in a slab

How many shotgun cartridges in a slab?

Is it true the performance of cartridges is reduced when they get cold? If so, how can this characteristic be overcome in frosty weather?

shotgun cartridges

Are you using the right cartridge?

You’ll need to think about a variety of considerations to be using the right shotgun cartridge. Chamber length The cartridge you use needs to match the length of your shotgun chamber or be smaller. If you use a cartridge with a longer chamber length than your gun you are likely…

driven pheasants

What’s the best cartridge load for standard driven pheasants?

Q: As we move towards the pheasant season can you recommend the best cartridge load for driven pheasants. I don’t mean skyscraper high pheasants, rather standard ones.   A: I think cartridges are very much a personal preference and I would say that whatever gives you confidence when you are shooting is the correct cartridge for you. Shooting…

Man taking aim with a 28-bore shotgun

Looking at a 28-bore shotgun and cartridges

A good shot and friend of mine has been invited to shoot stupidly high birds on a commercial pheasant shoot where the headkeeper is a little sniffy about any cartridge that doesn’t carry at least 1.1/4oz (36gms) of big lead pellets in a plastic wad. Even my mate’s other friends…

Ampleforth College Shoot

Will coated cartridges make you a better Shot?

It is the latest trend in cartridge production for both clay and game shooting. Coated cartridges — or, to be more accurate, lead shotgun pellets that have been coated with copper or nickel — are today headlining the cartridge manufacturers’ billboards. Are coated cartridges new? Well, no; as far back…

best clayshooting cartridges reviewed

12 of the best clayshooting cartridges reviewed

The clay-shooting cartridges listed here are the products of just six companies. From their extensive ranges we have picked just two cartridges – a 28g general competition load, and a light load suitable for shooters who are particularly affected by recoil. Some of this latter group are subsonic, so are…

What is the best shotgun cartridge and choke combination for pheasant shooting?

New techniques in powder and wads have improved all the shotgun cartridges on the market these days – they’re faster AND maintain a good pattern. Cartridge tips for this pheasant season Find a shotgun cartridge brand you like and stick with it. Side-by-sides and over-unders are both catered for by…

Pigeon cartridges

What’s the law on transporting shotgun cartridges?

Q: I am new to shooting, having gained my shotgun certificate in May last year. I am now the proud owner of a Beretta 12-bore and a Browning 20-bore. I am shooting clays at the moment to get used to the guns and improve my accuracy, but may go on…

shotgun cartridges

Why the shot in cartridges should be made of gold

Lead has been used for shot and bullets for centuries; not because it is ideal in all applications but because it is the best compromise. It is cheap when compared to many other metals, heavy enough to maintain velocity and energy over relatively long distances and is soft enough not…

cartridge colour

Should cartridge colour denote bore?

Q: Why don’t cartridge makers stick 
to an internationally agreed colour code for different bore sizes as used to be the case (12-bore were red, 16-bore blue and 20-bore yellow)? Surely this would stop all of these dreadful accidents where people who mix cartridges double-load a 12-bore on top of…


Your cartridges are going to cost you more

Thinking of buying new cartridges to replenish your dwindling stock? If so, perhaps you should do it sooner rather than later. The rising cost of lead on the world market in 2016 forced UK cartridge makers to increase prices last month and there’s no guarantee they won’t go up again…

cartridge review by female Gun

A female Shot reviews cartridges

With the number of female shooters growing, we thought that it was about time we asked a keen female Shot, Laura Ohrman, to review some cartridges for us. She is a keen Gun and was happy to oblige. So she took some slabs out with her on a shoot day with…


Why cartridge prices are rising

Speaking to Shooting Times, David Bontoft, managing director of premium brand Hull Cartridge, said that despite widespread talk of “nasty cartridge people”, the price rises were unavoidable due to the global cost of lead soaring by 20 per cent in 2016 and the value of the pound falling against the…


The modern cartridge vs the flintlock

If you have ever fired a flintlock, you will know that it feels as if the world has suddenly slipped into slow motion when you compare the experience to that of firing your modern shotgun. When you pull the trigger on the flintlock, you are very aware of a sort of “click – fizz – bang”…

Man with shot load in field

Pellet size and shot load – due an increase?

A: The debate on shot size is always an interesting one and many people, particularly of my father’s generation, grew up shooting nothing but Eley Impax 28gram No.7s at everything. Now I come across lots of people who shoot nothing but 36gram No.4s as their standard load, from September partridge to January pheasants! Cartridges must be fit for purpose The…