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Our latest round-up of cartridges for clayshooting

Clay pigeon or competition cartridges are a manufacturer’s delight because they are the big seller, more so than dedicated pigeon or game cartridges. They can represent, on average, as much as 60 per cent of total production because, unlike gameshooting, clays can be shot all year round. Just think of the number…

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What’s in a shotgun cartridge case?

For all the good it could do you might as well hammer the barrels into the ground and use it as a fence post or sapling support. Yet cartridges are amazing things. they contain a minimum number of simple components but deliver a performance based on some quite complex processes. Most…

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What’s the perfect pigeon cartridge?

The cartridge-making business is a fiercely competitive one, won or lost on marketing strategy, so if one company can find an edge, it is quickly exploited. It is only relatively recently that cartridge makers realised the huge potential market in people who shoot pigeons, with all the top boys now producing specialist…

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Which is the best shotgun cartridge for hitting high birds?

Last season I was fortunate enough to see some fellow Guns shooting birds at extreme range – by which I mean higher than 60 yards. I was also successful with some of my birds, much to my surprise and satisfaction although I missed a lot more. What interested me particularly…

Rigby cartridges

New gameshooting cartridges launched

London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. is offering a new selection of shotgun cartridges. The new cartridges claim to feature the latest developments in shotgun cartridge technology due to input from Royal Warrant-holding Hull Cartridge Company who loaded the cartridges. At 65mm (2.5 inches) in length, the cartridges have been designed to fit classic…

What’s the best cartridge for pest control?

What I’m going to do here is highlight the various cartridges available and their usefulness in pest control. It’s impossible to choose a calibre for all the different species of pests – a rabbit and a poult-pinching fox cannot be compared. While many cartridges come close to covering all bases,…


Oh to be quicker on the reload

Twice I’ve been robbed of the blue riband of clay-busting. No, not the British Open Sporting. As if. We’re talking uber-competitive here: of reputations won and lost; of enormous sums wagered; of tight A**e Corner. okay, its real name is Tight Corner but, given that it costs a smallish fortune…

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Old-school, slower bullets contaminate less meat

Research has shown that though deer shot with lead-cored jacketed bullets do show increased levels of lead, even as far away as the haunches, though it is still less than is found in farmed domestic meat and less than in mussels and other seafood. But there is a way to…

How do you test cartridges?

Mike explains how we test cartridges and why we stopped explaining the hardness of a shot as a percentage

Are people using steel shot cartridges for pigeon shooting?

Pigeon shooting: In your opinion, are more pigeon shooters now using steel shot cartridges to keep costs down? The reason I ask is that nobody seems to be talking about the subject, yet clay shooters openly admit that they are using the stuff.

Don’t shotgun cartridges have an eight-star crimp anymore?

Why don’t you see shotgun cartridges closed with an eight-star crimp any more? A few years ago they were a common sight but nowadays all you get are six-star closures. What, if any, advantages did eight-star crimps give?

Value shotgun cartridges review

Value shotgun cartridges review

With luck we might get the sort of weather this year that makes clay shooting in summer so thoroughly enjoyable. With the continuing financial difficulties, all clay shooters are looking to use a product that provides what I call good value. But good value is not the same as cheap.…