I can’t find any information about Chapuis shotguns?

Chapuis shotguns: I have recently acquired a Chapuis shotgun, an over-under 12-bore with sideplates. However, I am experiencing difficulty finding any information about the model, the year of manufacture and the value of this gun. The only mark is a serial number 10055.

Is it safe to use steel shot in my 10-bore shotguns?

Is it safe to use steel shot in my 10-bore shotguns?

Steel shot: I have two 10-bores. One is a Gunmark Kestrel with 3.5in chambers rated at 1,200kg/cm2. The right bore is machined to 0.751in and the left bore 0.729in. The second gun is a Zabala LP71, which also has 3.5in chambers rated at 1,000kg/cm2.

English shotguns

English shotguns for under £5,000

English shotguns: Buying a Best English shotgun for a budget of up to £5,000 is a very interesting proposition - and could be quite controversial.

Why has one of my shotguns shot loose?

I have two shotguns of different makes, which have both had a similar amount of use, one has shot loose and will need re-jointing while the other is still quite tight.

16-bore shotguns under £10,000

Among the most underrated of guns, the 16-bore is considered to be the gun of choice for true sporting connoisseurs.

Should you buy shotguns with worn chequering?

How much notice should you take of worn chequering when assessing the condition of a shotgun? Should I disregard a shotgun if the chequering is really badly worn down?