sound moderator
Wondering whether sound moderators are necessary?

Well, if you want or need to reduce the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash your firearm or air gun generates when firing, then you will need to fit a suppressor or sound moderator.

Moderators are sometimes referred to as silencers, but this is misleading as you cannot completely silence the report of a high-velocity bullet.

When the rifle is fired, two sounds are heard if you are close to the passage of the bullet. The first is the supersonic crack of the bullet passing, followed by the thump of the rifle discharging that follows shortly afterwards. It is the latter that gives away the direction of the firer, and the time between the two sounds also gives the observer an indication of how far away the firer is.

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sound moderator fit

Will a sound moderator fit two different rifles?

Sound moderators are ever popular for sporting use these days, but ill treatment or neglect can cause corroded threads, misalignment or they can become permanently attached to the barrel.

.22 rimfire sound moderators

Five .22 rimfire sound moderators reviewed

As far as noise reduction goes, the humble 
.22 rimfire has reached its peak, yet the shooting industry continues to enhance, modify and improve methods of suppressing its signature report. Now all we need to do is consider the price, material used, longevity, balance and strippability of the newer designs.…

sound moderator

How to care for your sound moderator

If not, you will have a badly fitted and sometimes dangerous moderator and suffer the consequences of moderator failure long before its sell-by date. It constantly amazes me that some people never clean their rifles, let alone any ancillary equipment – they are just stacking up trouble for the future.…

man with air rifle

Should I use a sound moderator on my airgun?

Q: You would be surprised just how much of a crack an airgun can make — especially pre-charged models. An airgun-specific sound moderator from the likes of Huggett, Air Arms, BSA, Weihrauch or Daystate can hush an air rifle’s muzzle report to the merest of whispers. Keeping an airgun quiet is a great aid to stealth and helps…

man with sound moderators

Five sound moderators on test

Once quite uncommon, the sound moderator is now as standard a piece of equipment as is a scope when you buy a rifle. But every shooter’s needs will be different. For a stalker who only goes out on a few shoots a year a lightweight moderator may be best, while for those who shoot a lot and need…

.17HMR moderators

Ten of the best .17HMR moderators

Silence is golden where pest control is concerned, so after testing full-bore and .22 rimfire moderators Bruce Potts turns his attention to the increasingly popular .17HMR calibre

moderator rifle

Perhaps it’s time to get a moderator…

Want to shoot more accurately, bag more quarry and disturb the environment less? Perhaps it's time to get a moderator, suggests Charles Smith-Jones

How do I get a silenced or moderated shotgun?

I have been asked to cull some Canada geese in a rather sensitive area and it is desirable to avoid drawing attention to the cull. I had planned on using a silenced shotgun. Do I need a variation on my certificate?

Full-bore sound moderators

In recent years, sound moderators have become a must-have stalking accessory, but there is a bewildering array to choose from. Bruce Potts narrows down the options

Sound moderator maintenance

Sound moderator maintenance

When it comes to sound moderators, correct fitting and proper maintenance is vital, says Bruce Potts, as it is all too easy to ruin a good rifle by neglecting these tasks