Gwynedd Spaniel Club at Clive

The Gwynedd Spaniel Club held an a.v. spaniel trial at Clive in Shropshire, by kind invitation of Ken Benbow and with generous support from the guns.

Spaniels at Burnt Platt Wood

The Chiltern Gundog Society held a spaniel working test at Burnt Platt Wood, Oxon, by kind permission of Richard Butler-Creag.

How can I stop my spaniel gun dog from dominating?

At the beginning my gun dog was quiet and submissive and easy to control. We have had her now just over five months, and during the last two months she has become a very different dog, extremely quick at hunting and very keen to chase, will not return with retrieves…

Do I train my springador as a spaniel or as a lab?

Do I train my springador as a spaniel or as a lab?

I have a young springador that I wish to train for roughshooting. As this dog is the result of mating a springer spaniel to a labrador, should I treat its training as though it was a labrador or as a spaniel?