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A springer spaniel is not a difficult gundog to train

Although I’m a fan of most gundog breeds, with labradors, cockers and springers all currently residing at ‘Clarke Towers’, it has always been the springer spaniel that for me has held the greatest appeal of all. My personal opinion is that no other breed of gundog comes close to the…

Spaniel breeds

Spaniel breeds: the differences between cockers and springers

Q: “I am torn between buying another cocker or getting a springer, just for a change. What advice would you be able to give me on the different spaniel breeds?” Mark Whitehouse says: Whether springer or cocker, both spaniel breeds are well capable of doing a good day’s work in…

Tina Hayes and Bramble

Tina Hayes and Bramble

I collected Bramble on July 9, 2011, with every intention of bringing her on as another beating dog. I let her be a puppy for the first six months, doing basic training, enjoying watching her grow etc. In December 2011, I was a first responder to an accident on the…

The 2014 Springer Championship

The UK's top springer spaniels and their handlers went north of the border to compete in this year's championship

Moray Firth English springer spaniel stakes

The Moray Firth Spaniel and Retriever Club held their open English springer spaniel trial at Glenferness, with a novice stake held the next day at Tomatin.

keeping a springer close

Paul Rawlings advises on how to keep a springer close when working in open ground.

2008 Springer Spaniel Gundog Championship

With rabbits aplenty, Conholt Park provided a challenging setting for the stylish and exciting hunting from this year's English springer spaniels.