Korthals griffon

Popular gundog breeds – what’s on the rise?

Has the pedigree dog had its day? While it might be much too early to predict its eventual extinction, figures from the Kennel Club (KC) show compelling evidence of its decline. In 2006, a total of 103,773 gundogs were registered with the Club in the UK. Numbers held steady for the next…

gundog trainer

Gundog etiquette – picking up birds

Many novice handlers aspire to be part of a picking-up team, but few are fully aware of the responsibility that comes with working your dog in what is a vital part of a gameshoot. The aim of a good picker-up is not to come back to the gamecart laden with dead birds,…

English springer spaniels

Time for the super-spaniel?

I don’t know how many English springer spaniels there are in the UK, but my guess would be between 160,000 and 200,000. This is based on 12,000 puppies being registered with the Kennel Club annually, plus the fact that there are many pure-bred but unregistered springers. Assume an average lifespan of…

Gundogs of the week

10 gundog Instagrams to enjoy

Do you mind if I rest here?  #shooting #dogs #gundog #retriever golden #pup #country #winter #season A photo posted by Kyle (@kyleandrewmcbride) on Oct 15, 2015 at 12:34am PDT Ever thought of a vizsla? #tbt #throwbackthursday #vizsla #vizslaoftheday #vizslalove #vizslagram #vizslasofinstagram #vizslasofinstagram101 #velcrodog #velcrovizsla #hungarianvizsla #vizslapuppy #vizslaproblems #puppy #puppies #puppydog…

Tina Hayes and Bramble

Tina Hayes and Bramble

I collected Bramble on July 9, 2011, with every intention of bringing her on as another beating dog. I let her be a puppy for the first six months, doing basic training, enjoying watching her grow etc. In December 2011, I was a first responder to an accident on the…

keeping a springer close

Paul Rawlings advises on how to keep a springer close when working in open ground.

2008 Springer Spaniel Gundog Championship

With rabbits aplenty, Conholt Park provided a challenging setting for the stylish and exciting hunting from this year's English springer spaniels.