Otter encounter

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Labour-saving devices can be tempting, but may be no match for a cunning fox

On the scent

Gaining an understanding of how dogs use their noses

Sawley Hall Shoot

The Sawley Hall shoot, is run by Liam Botham, son of cricket legend Sir Ian. Paul Quagliana reports

What could my ferrets be scared of?

The other day I put two ferrets into a rabbit hole but both backed away from it with their backs hunched and fur flared out. What causes that sort of reaction?

Ratters to the rescue

Ratting dogs at work are an awesome sight to behold. Nick Ridley watches a dedicated team help a local farm with this destructive and abundant pest

Are gundogs still affordable?

Are gundogs still affordable?

With the high price of dog food and expensive veterinary bills to pay, the cost of maintaining a gundog could become prohibitive, warns Heidi Sands