Ratters to the rescue

Ratting dogs at work are an awesome sight to behold. Nick Ridley watches a dedicated team help a local farm with this destructive and abundant pest

Are gundogs still affordable?

Are gundogs still affordable?

With the high price of dog food and expensive veterinary bills to pay, the cost of maintaining a gundog could become prohibitive, warns Heidi Sands

Netting with cockers

Cockers and long-netters may seem an unlikely pairing, but it works, says Simon whitehead

Foreshore ferreting

Foreshore ferreting

Selena Masson watches a masterclass on a Suffolk estuary as Shooting Times’s ferret man, Simon Whitehead, sets two lurchers and 12 hungry ferrets on a vintage warren

Famous ferreting show returns to Game Fair

After a 24-year absence, this Game Fair sees the return of the famous ferreting show. Peter Whitaker looks back on this tribute to the backbone of country sports

Irish terrier

Are Irish terriers difficult to train?

I have a five month old Irish terrier bitch I would like to use for rough-shooting. Can you recommend anybody who could help me train this type of dog as I have heard they can be difficult?

How do I train a terrier for beating?

Friends say it's impossible to train a terrier to walk to heel and respond to whistle commands. My wife has just bought a Cairn bitch and I'm determined it should behave itself when I take it beating.

The Inn at Whitewell

The Inn at Whitewell is a genuine Mecca for fieldsports enthusiasts.