Red fox stalking pheasant

Using traps and snares: how to do it legally and effectively

Traps and snares play a vital role in gamekeeping. If you are looking to establish new ground for a shoot or simply increase the amount of wild game in your area, knowing how and when to trap is essential. Whether you’re using cages or tunnels to reduce predation, Larsen trapping…

Larsen trap being checked

How to use a Larsen trap correctly and effectively

A Larsen trap is an extremely visible form of pest control but using one needs be done correctly. A passer-by who spots a dirty Larsen trap with a dejected-looking calling bird (decoy), standing on a heap of splattered droppings and flyblown carcass remains is not going to come away with…

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New laws on trapping – keepers must tread carefully

It will soon be illegal to use 
a Fenn trap to catch a stoat, but where are we in our quest for its replacement? The list of traps we now have at our disposal is on the Government website for all to see. These traps have been through rigorous testing…

dry stone walling

Don’t fall foul of the new trapping laws

Trapping laws and predator control The first days of March have brought respite from the winter storms. Rain and wind seems to have lashed the estate for an eternity and the very thought of spring seems weeks away, but this can suddenly change. The days are stretching out and two…

cage traps

How to set cage traps for rabbits

A reader asked a question regarding rabbit traps: I have been given some cage traps by a farmer friend, but the only things I have caught have been birds and hedgehogs (all of which were released unharmed). How and what is the best way to set this type of trap? Professional…


How to control magpies without Larsen traps

Question: I am not able to operate Larsen traps on my shoot as I can’t check them daily, so I do my best to control the magpies by shooting birds flushed from nests. Do both sexes incubate the eggs, or am I only culling the females? David Tomlinson, highly regarded writer…

DOC trap

DOC trap

The DOC trap was designed by the New Zealand Department Of Conservation (DOC) for trapping non native species such as possums. The traps are available in the UK but have to be purchased with, and fitted into the trap box. The DOC 100 is ideal for smaller ground predators like stoats, squirrels…

Court dismisses RSPB covert surveillance case as abuse of process

Magistrates at Northallerton have dismissed a case brought by the RSPB alleging misuse of a cage trap by a grousemoor keeper on the grounds that the way the charity carried out its investigations amounted to an abuse of process and denied the defendant the prospect of a fair trial. The court held…

Don’t let secret camera fears derail crucial corvid trap study, says GWCT

Potential participants in an important corvid trap study in Scotland shouldn’t be put off by fears of covert surveillance, the Scottish government forensics laboratory Science & Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA) and Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) have said. The study, which looks at how and where traps are…

Corvid control – Gamekeeper

Corvid control - Gamekeeper: Corvid control with Larsen traps is a good example of sustainable activity.

Trap-ease artistry

Trap-ease artistry

Springtime calls for a clearout — Liam Bell offers advice on how to get the better of the smaller pests that plague your shoot