German gundog breeds

Which gundog breeds originated in Germany?

Weimaraner, German shorthaired pointer, German longhaired pointer, German wirehaired pointer, large Munsterlander. The list of German dog breeds that have become established in Britain is a long one, but it could be a lot longer. The small Munsterlander, for example, has been imported many times, but has never become established…

Gundog breeds: Why buy a Weimaraner?

Weimaraner: These distinctive German dogs are often misunderstood but, in the right hands, the Weimaraner can be excellent gundogs.

The vanishing Weimaraner

The vanishing Weimaraner

Intelligent, strong and agile, the Weimaraner was once thought to be about to eclipse the Labrador, so why, asks Heidi Sands, have they fallen so far out of favour?