When you cook woodcock you can roast the bird whole, without removing the entrails, because they empty their bowels when they take off. A traditional woodcock recipe would involve mashing the trail on toast and serving with the skull on top so you can suck the brains out of the head. The woodcock recipes below are a more contemporary take on cooking this game bird, ranging from a simple roast to a terrine and an easy smoked woodcock dish.

Roasted woodcock with rosti potato and caramelised parsnips

This woodcock recipe requires a brace of woodcocks and will serve two WHAT YOU’LL NEED »» brace woodcocks »» 2 parsnips »» 1 grated large potato »» salt and pepper »» 1 tsp honey »» 25g butter »» 2 tsp veg oil »» sugar Scroll down for a photographic step-by-step…

Smoked woodcock

Mark Hinge serves up a tasty summer combination of game and broad beans

Woodpecker woodcock

Woodpecker woodcock

Try this unusual recipe for woodcock, says Mark Hinge, and wow your guests